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Falmouth University Intermittent

  • Intermittence (temporary suspension of studies)

On accepting a place onto a course of study, both the student and the University College are entering into a legally-binding contract and funding to the University College is dependent on the continued enrolment of students. As such, a student cannot unilaterally decide to intermit their studies and should make a request to their course leader seeking approval to intermit their studies. Prolonged ill-health, pregnancy and bereavement are cases where a student can expect full support in their request to intermit.

A student who is in poor academic standing will not be allowed to intermit their studies unless there are extreme mitigating circumstances.

A student who is intermitting is, by definition, expecting to return to their studies and their place on the course is held open for them to return, normally for one academic year. In cases where the student has intermitted on ill-health grounds this may be extended to two academic years. Students who have been intermitting through reasons of ill-health will be required to furnish proof to the University College of their fitness to return to their studies, normally by way of a medical note from their doctor, consultant or counsellor.

A student who has been absent from their studies for more than one academic year will be subject to an interview with the course team to assess the student’s ability to re-engage with the academic demands of the course.

Students who are intermitting their studies do not have the right to use University College facilities, including attending lectures, using the library or borrowing equipment.

It should be noted that the Benefits Agency, Student Loan Company and Local Education Authorities still consider the student to be in full-time education whilst intermitting and therefore NOT eligible for any unemployment or housing benefit. It is illegal to claim certain benefits as an intermitting student and the University College is increasingly being contacted by the fraud section of the benefits agency in regard to students who fall into this category.

  • Withdrawal and change of course

If you are considering withdrawing from your course for any reason, please consult your course leader and seek advice on the implications from the Student Records & Information Team, Finance and Accommodation and Welfare. It is important that you get advice on the implications of withdrawal to ensure that you do not jeopardise your chances of support at a later date. Withdrawal forms are available from your course leader, but can also be obtained from the Student Records & Information Team.