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Falmouth University Graphic Gesign

Our courses offer you the diversity and range of disciplines demanded by the industry, allowing you to develop expertise in branding, packaging design, editorial, interactive design, advertising, information design, digital moving image and more.

You’ll be continually encouraged to develop your creativity, take risks and think both laterally and imaginatively so that you can understand and fulfil the needs of a design brief. Through a series of workshops, presentations and tutorial support, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to articulate your ideas across a wide range of media.

Through traditional means and dynamic digital media, you’ll study both the foundations of the subject and more specialist fields, where craft, strategy and integrated thinking encourage you to tackle the challenges facing us today. You’ll develop as an individual to see the world with fresh eyes, leaving Falmouth ready for an ever-evolving global industry, and with a passion for design rooted in innovation.


  • Study trips to major studios
  • Live briefs and workshops from leading designers
  • Placement opportunities
  • Showcases at D&AD and the Royal Society of Arts
  • Dedicated new studio space

How the course is taught

Weekly group tutorials, seminars and regular individual tutorials will provide the platform for feedback; presenting work in progress, developing your confidence in discussing your work and contextualising the role of design within society.

Course outline

The course has been carefully developed and evolved to optimise your growth and development over three years. This allows us to update course materials and react to industry and global communication issues, so that you are engaging with highly current skills and debate.

Focused around a vibrant studio-based experience, and taught by dedicated and practising staff, the course covers important design themes with an emphasis on live briefs and industry exposure.

What you’ll do

Year One

You’ll be supported by our course team to establish the core competencies of graphic design, learning how to approach design and tell a story visually. Workshops, assignments, peer critiques and reviews will help to shape your confidence and capabilities, while lectures and seminars from both resident staff and visiting speakers boost your understanding of the discipline.

  • Graphic Language and Communication – Introduction to visual language
  • Design Process – Understanding the route to final design outcomes
  • Difference & Identity – Working from the needs of others
  • Narrative – How to tell a story visually

Year Two

The central part of our course introduces you to the professional world in greater depth through skills and project-orientated tasks, to help prepare you for your final year before graduation. You’ll begin to grow more deeply as a designer, building individual reflection on professional ambitions.