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 falmouth university gamesFalmouth University Games, Games are transforming the way we experience stories, and are driving the development of new technologies that make those experiences more responsive, immersive and engaging.

The Games Academy at Falmouth was founded to help you become a part of this exciting journey into the future of digital games. Digital game development is a complex and competitive arena in which a range of diverse skills and experience are demanded. Within our studio-based environment, we actively ensure that you develop the skills and experience you need to succeed by involving you in the development of games and computing for games.

Development and enterprise focus

falmouth university gamesFalmouth University Games, Experiential learning is central to The Academy. You build your skills by creating games or technology for games in a studio context that closely replicates that of the industry. You are tutored and coached not only to develop the skills that are demanded by the industry but also in the practice of the methods and processes that are used. In addition, you are coached in the business skills that equip you to bring the games you make to market.

Collaboration with experts

When you join The Games Academy, you also join our community of game development professionals and game researchers who help you to build the skills and experience that are needed to become a game professional.

Members of our staff have worked at Blizzard Entertainment, EA Games, ZeniMax/Bethesda, Riot Games, Antimatter Games, Supermassive Games and Square-Enix, while others are world-class researchers and scholars of games. In addition, you are taught, where appropriate, by specialist staff from a wide range of other disciplines outside of games who will help you develop skills in art, animation, modelling, business and enterprise practice, writing and audio relevant to the particular nature of your course.

We invite you to look at what’s on offer, or visit us in person, so you can see how research, teaching and enterprise come together to make games.