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Falmouth University Game Development

Build the skills you need to turn your passion into a profession. You’ll work with us to decide which route through the course matches your interests before putting your experience into practice to make completed games.

Game development demands a huge range of skills to be brought together to produce a final product. You’ll be introduced to all of these skills in your first year before specialising in one of six areas: art, animation, audio, design, programming or writing. As you progress, project teamwork is at the heart of your learning experience, as recommended by the industry. You’ll learn the industry by making games from concept to completion, ready to bring to market. You’ll also be paired with an expert Mentor, who’ll offer a unique insight into the industry and help you build contacts.


  • Work in multi-skilled teams to produce completed games
  • Use professional facilities and software
  • Gain fluency in communicating your game ideas
  • Develop commercial awareness
  • Learn from industry leaders

How the course is taught

Game development demands a huge range of skills to be brought together to produce a publishable game. A flavour of all these skills will be tasted in your first year, enabling you to communicate effectively with development team members. You’ll also specialise in one of six areas that are integral to game development. If you have enrolled for Design, Art and Animation routes you will share some further specialist modules in the first year to ensure you pursue the right route for your interests. You’ll move from 2D to 3D as the course progresses, with project team work at the heart of your learning experience.

Course outline

Given the diversity of the field, we ask students to select one of six areas to focus on during their studies. This pathway should reflect the area of the game development process that most interests you. You’ll move from small projects to games with more challenging scope as the course progresses, with team-led projects at the heart of the learning experience.