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Falmouth University Film Interview

Interview Information: Film BA(Hons)

Location: Penryn Campus

The following information is intended for applicants who have already been invited to an interview, to help them prepare. Please note it may change from year to year.

We invite all applicants who show potential to an interview. Interviews are two-way: they give you the opportunity to show your creative skills and interview us; and they help us to assess further your potential to succeed in your chosen subject. If you are based outside the UK/EU, and are unable to come to Falmouth, you’ll be interviewed online or by telephone.

We’ll use the Applicant Portal to invite you to an interview:

If, in order to attend an in-person on campus interview, you have any individual requirements due to a long-term health condition, specific learning difficulty or disability, please contact the Accessibility Service as soon as possible:

This will enable us to discuss and put in place any support or adjustments you may require, for example, hearing induction loop, BSL interpreter, adjusted interview time/length, ground floor interview room or information in a different format.

In-person on campus interviews only

We invite up to approximately 50 applicants to each interview session.

Prior to your interview you’ll receive a warm welcome from the Director of the School of Film & Television, then the staff team will give you an insight into the course. You’ll have the chance to meet staff and students from the course and ask as many questions as you like. Then every applicant has an individual interview, which will take about 15 minutes. While you’re waiting for your interview, you’ll be taken on a tour of the department.

You can expect to be here for about 3 hours.

Skype/telephone interviews only

These interviews will be arranged between 9am-5pm UK time weekdays. The conversation will be approximately 15 minutes and we aim to make phone and Skype interviews as similar to personal interviews as possible.