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Professor Anne CarlisleVice-Chancellor & Chief Executive

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The meaning of the word “Chancellor” is rooted in the 14th century and originally referred to a learned nobleman or prince.

In higher education, the Chancellor fulfills an important Presidential role and is prominent in public ceremonial events, notably the graduation ceremonies and other major celebrations. The Chancellorship is unique to every university, and each Chancellor has the opportunity to shape it by bringing their own personality, experience and passions.

Falmouth’s Chancellor will be the ceremonial head of the University, and we want them to co-design the role and its contribution to the life of the University.

At its heart is a very special relationship with the students. The most valuable contribution a Chancellor can make is to engage with the students, and to celebrate with them as they are awarded their degrees. In fact their major time commitment to the University will be the annual graduation ceremonies, although other obligations may occasionally prevent them from attending.

The Chancellor will receive dedicated support from the Vice-Chancellor’s Office in all their activities on behalf of the University.

When Falmouth was granted University Title in December 2012, this milestone was widely celebrated because it gave Cornwall its own university. It also bestowed upon Falmouth the right to appoint a Chancellor. This is a unique and important moment in our history, especially as Falmouth’s new Chancellor becomes the first Chancellor of the first university, wholly in and of Cornwall.

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