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Falmouth University Business

Learn how to run a business by doing just that; setting up and growing a real venture with like-minded individuals. Testing your new found knowledge in an industry context, you’ll gain the experience needed to stand out to employers or launch your own company.

Surrounded by creativity and professional facilities, you’ll learn core business skills while developing a wide range of business ideas, with the opportunity to work with students from other courses. If you’re particularly seeking to enter the creative industries, the fastest growing economic sector in the UK, where better to study than at the UK’s No.1 Arts University?


  • Learn business skills and apply them in a real company with real customers
  • Become part of an international community learning through the team entrepreneurship approach
  • Develop a product or service with the chance of making a real profit
  • Develop your collaboration, team-working and leadership skills
  • Create your own network of contacts for the future

How the course is taught

Based on the principles of the internationally proven model first developed in Finland, the course is studied full-time from our Penryn Campus. You’ll be matched with other budding entrepreneurs to form a ‘Team Company’ in which you will be an equal owner/shareholder. Typically a private company limited by shares, this is a real business trading with customers and forms a ‘learning team’ with which to innovate, share experiences and build knowledge.

You’ll develop your business knowledge through workshops, team-coaching sessions, dialogue, learning groups, visiting entrepreneurs and your own research. Straight away you apply this to your business so you ‘learn by doing’ and develop as a team entrepreneur. We support you to spot and implement business opportunities and to take on leadership roles in finance, marketing and business operations. We’ll challenge you to experiment and learn from your failures as well as your successes.