Falmouth University Accommodation Prices

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Falmouth University Accommodation Prices

Applicable to undergraduate study

In order to plan your finances effectively, you need to consider all the costs involved when studying, and probably living, away from home.

Tuition fees for your course

Fees will vary according to where you are from. For students starting in 2015-16, undergraduate fees will be:

UK and EU students £9,000 per year

Please note that UK/EU undergraduate fees limits are set by government and are not subject to inflationary changes.

Contact our finance department for further details:

Tel: 01326 213778
Email: student.fees@falmouth.ac.uk
Web: falmouth.ac.uk/fees

Accommodation costs

University-managed halls of residence costs from £75 – £126 per week, and includes heating, lighting and water. Each room is furnished, and the majority of rooms have provision for television, telephone and internet access, which are subject to separate contracts and charges. All of our residences are self-catering. Most private-sector housing costs between £85 – £105 per week, including utility bills, depending on the quality of the accommodation and the number of people sharing. Telephone lines and internet access usually cost extra.

Contact our accommodation office for further information:

Tel: 01326 370436
Email: accommodation@fxplus.ac.uk
Web: fxplus.ac.uk/live/accommodation-services-information

Additional course costs

You may need to budget for specific materials, trips or equipment. This will vary depending on your course and areas of specialism.

Cost of living

In addition to course costs and rent, you will of course have to budget for life itself. These costs vary but you’ll need to think about how much you might spend over the whole year. Also, remember you will be here for at least the 30 weeks of term, possibly longer. This list should help get you started:

  • Food Three meals a day, occasional meals out, snacks etc
  • Travel In and around Falmouth, plus any trips home during, or at the end of term
  • Clothing and possessions Clothes, shoes, music, books etc
  • Bills Will you have any domestic bills to pay, including mobile and internet charges?

It’s important to at least do a brief budget to ensure you have some idea how much money you’ll have for each term and each week. There are some useful websites to help you: