Edinburgh Napier University Societies

Edinburgh Napier University Societies

The African Caribbean Society aims to heighten the university experience and give students an opportunity to experience Afro-Caribbean culture through events that will aim to educate, enlighten and enable them to explore and gain skills that will be beneficial to them in the future.

Part of our mission is to get involved with different charities and organisations, that have similar values to ours, in order to raise money and awareness for different causes. We look to make connections with different cultures and religions to enjoy and better understand each other, as well as improve the paradigm for socialisation among Edinburgh Napier University students.


Airsoft Society

We are the Edinburgh Napier Airsoft Society, founded by a group of students with a passion for the sport.

If you have never heard of Airsoft before the best way to describe it would be paintball with BB guns that – believe it or not – usually* hurt less than getting shot with a paintball. As there is no paint to leave a clear mark of hits, however, it is a game based very much on honour – If you get hit, call it!
*Depending on what hits you, where from, and where it hits you!

You don’t need any special equipment to get started; however sturdy boots with good ankle support is strongly advised. A gun, ammo, and eye protection can all be hired for your first few games before you decided to buy your own.

We primarily play at a site that operates every second Sunday although we will also be looking into trips to further afield sites which may have different days of operation. We will also have social meetings every second Friday between Airsoft game days so if you can’t come to the game day you can come have a drink and a chat instead.