Edinburgh napier University Press Office

Edinburgh napier University Press Office

Press & Public Relations

The Corporate Communications team works to actively promote the University and its services to both internal and external audiences via the media. This includes broadcast, print and online in Scotland and the UK, as well as overseas. Our online news centre is a useful resource highlighting University stories and key information to the wider world.

If you have an interesting story to tell to the media, our services are free for University staff to use. For advice and support on generating media coverage, media training and responding to press enquiries, contact EdNapierNews@napier.ac.uk or ext 6251

Your news can also be posted on the University’s staff intranet. Please see the staff intranet homepage guidelines page for details.

Individuals should not appoint their own PR agencies without first consulting Patrick McFall, Head of Corporate Communications, on ext 6314.

Edinburgh napier University Press Office

What makes a story newsworthy?

Newspapers, broadcasters and web-based news outlets receive hundreds of press releases and story ideas every day of the week – the vast majority of which end up in the bin.

The challenge for the Corporate Communications team is to make your story stand out from the crowd. But how do you know if your event or research is newsworthy in the first place?

If your story has some of the following features then you should be getting in touch:

  • A research element which sheds fresh light on a topic for the first time; anything groundbreaking; a world or UK first.
  • Topical – your event / research project relates to the stories making the news that week or month.
  • Human interest – does your story have a human element that people will find affecting?
  • Real world implications – would the man on the street be interested in what you have to say? Are there social or economic angles to your story that have implications for society?
  • Money – grants into interesting areas or projects can be newsworthy if they are for a significant sum.
  • Awards – have you, a colleague or student won something or been recognised for your work?
  • Quirky stories can also work well. Is there an unusual or surprising hook to the story you want to tell? Something that people outside of academia would be interested in?
  • Association with public figures – is someone well-known visiting the University or have you got them involved with a project?
  • Visual – does your story lend itself to a particularly strong or colourful picture opportunity for press photographers or TV?

Edinburgh napier University Press Office

Who should I contact if I’ve got a story?

Your first port of call for day-to-day PR inquiries should be  EdNapierNews@napier.ac.uk.

Media training

Media training equips staff with the skills to effectively respond to media enquiries. If you are working with the media on a regular basis and feel that you would benefit from this, please contact Patrick McFall on ext 6314.

If you are to be interviewed by the media, you should find these  interview tips and techniques helpful.

Experts directory

The Corporate Communications team have pulled together an online Experts Directory which lists staff with knowledge in topics that will be of interest to the media. The directory is then used by members of the media who want to locate an academic expert for comment or opinion on a news story.

Press cuttings

We distribute press cuttings on University and education sector stories to staff.  If you feel that it is important you receive this service please contact Patrick McFall, Head of Corporate Communications, on ext 6314 or p.mcfall@napier.ac.uk.

Alternatives to our University service are to use free online services which will send you email notifications when a blog or a news site mentions the alert you created such as Google Alerts.