Edinburgh Napier University Nursing Interview

Edinburgh Napier University Nursing Interview


Applications to all pre-registration (undergraduate degree and masters) nursing and midwifery courses offered at Edinburgh Napier University are submitted online through UCAS.

The next intake for the nursing and midwifery courses is September 2017.

Applications for midwifery and child health nursing must be submitted by the first UCAS deadline date of 15 January 2017. Applicants for nursing courses (adult, mental health and learning disability) can still apply after 15 January.

All nursing and midwifery courses have one intake each year, in September. There are NO January intakes.

Academic entry

Please check the academic criteria for your chosen course online.


At a first scrutiny application forms are examined to ensure that candidates meet the appropriate academic criteria.

The personal statement is an important/vital element of the selection process and should include:

  • General information about the candidate
  • Motivation for wishing to undertake the nursing/midwifery course applied for
  • Relevant experience related to nursing/midwifery and care

It is necessary to demonstrate a clear understanding of the role of the nurse/midwife. It is strongly recommended that candidates arrange a visit to an appropriate care setting and speak with practicing nurses/midwives and/or student nurses/midwives. Literature about nursing/midwifery and searching the web can also provide useful background information (useful links are provided below).

Account should be taken of the School of Health and Social Care person specification for nursing and midwifery candidates.

Essential qualities for nurses and midwives:

  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Able to communicate with people from a wide range of backgrounds
  • A good listener
  • Patient, tactful and non-judgemental
  • Able to demonstrate a sensitive and compassionate approach to people
  • A good team worker
  • Recognise the need to seek and act on guidance
  • Able to remain calm in potentially stressful or distressing situations
  • Able to draw on knowledge and experience
  • Able to multitask
  • Able to demonstrate use of reasoning and articulate transferable skills

Edinburgh Napier University Nursing Interview


  • Able to commit to a full time course
  • Able to show insight and motivation into chosen field of practice

Candidates are urged to apply to Edinburgh Napier University for only ONE of the fields of nursing OR midwifery

The personal statement will not have the appropriate focus on the nursing field chosen or midwifery if multiple choices are submitted.


An invitation, for those short listed for interview will be sent to the candidate by email.

Up to 60 candidates will be called to the interview event which will be a full day. There will be various information sessions and activities:

  1. The main selection activity of the day is the group interview lasting around one hour, involving anything from 9 to 13 candidates. A member of the teaching team will facilitate the event. Each candidate will have a picture that can generate discussion on a health related topic. Each candidate will be asked to respond to the picture in several ways. This will include:
    • Describing their picture to the other candidates and teaching staff
    • Indicating positive and negative health factors in the picture
    • Discussing possible nurse/midwife involvement in the health matters arising from the picture or from similar scenarios

There may be an opportunity for wider discussion involving the whole group during the hour. The group interview will be observed by at least two members of staff who will score each candidate’s performance, including the initial ice breaker activity and their engagement during the hour. Demonstrating communication skills, verbal and non-verbal, is vital. Insights relating to health and the role and activity of the nurse/midwife have to be included. In addition views, attitudes and values expressed by the candidate will be noted. Candidates are advised of the importance of being engaged in the exercise throughout the hour.

  1. There will be opportunity to explore the practice placement booklet student nurses/midwives use throughout their placements (50% of the course).
  2. A range of other activities to provide information about the course and studying at Edinburgh Napier.

UCAS Tracker

Candidates MUST regularly check UCAS Tracker for:

  • The outcome of the selection interview (within 2 weeks of the interview)
  • For conditions that have to be met prior to commencing the course
  • The address to which any material should be sent (by recorded delivery)