Edinburgh Napier University Midwifery

Edinburgh Napier University Midwifery


Learn the theory of bringing new life into the world before putting it into practice on several training placements. Our graduates get a guaranteed one-year Scottish placement after graduation.

BM Midwifery

Undergraduate, Full-Time

Gain the academic and practical knowledge and skills required to register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a midwife.

Course introduction

Welcome to the wonderful world of midwifery. At Edinburgh Napier University you have the exciting opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills to ensure that the care offered to women and their families has a woman centred approach and prioritises the ethos of compassion and professionalism.

As a midwife you will be recognised as an expert in supporting and advising women and their families during pregnancy, childbirth and post-partum care. This course offers you the opportunity to develop clinical midwifery practice in a variety of healthcare settings and through simulated practice using our state of the art facilities. You will be supported by a team of midwife lecturers who have expertise in both clinical practice and current research.

Midwives are autonomous practitioners who practice in a multi-disciplinary care setting and midwifery is a very distinct independent health profession which possesses its own knowledge skills and competencies. Midwifery care holistically encompasses the unique experience of each individual woman throughout their journey.

Edinburgh Napier University Midwifery

What you’ll learn

The study of midwifery will teach you the theory of being a midwife through a blended learning approach including lectures, tutorials, online self-directed learning and workshops. You will prepare for your placements in our simulated clinical environment prior to your practice placements across South-East Scotland. Notable midwifery skills include:

  • communication skills
  • breast feeding
  • normal labour and birth
  • initial consultation and history taking
  • medicines management

On placement you’ll relate theory to real life practice supported by a midwife mentor specifically trained to support you and assess your achievement.