Edinburgh Napier University Institute For Informatics And Digital Innovation

By | 30th May 2017

Edinburgh Napier University Institute For Informatics And Digital Innovation

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Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation

Information technology plays a vital role in every area of today’s industry, commerce and lifestyle. From online shopping, to mobile phones and the systems behind our healthcare and financial services, it impacts on every aspect of our lives.

At the Institute for Informatics & Digital Innovation we are dedicated to helping you and your organisation deal with new digital challenges and opportunities as they arise. We can help you to look ahead and shape our digital future.

As part of Edinburgh Napier’s School of Computing, we work across every field of computer technology from sensors and mobile networks to data intensive  applications requiring intelligent processing and filtering. We can help you explore not just the technology but how people interact with the technology and how it impacts on society.

Edinburgh Napier University Institute For Informatics And Digital Innovation


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Edinburgh Napier University Institute For Informatics And Digital Innovation


The Scottish Informatics and Computer Science Alliance (SICSA) is a collaboration of leading Scottish Universities.


They work together to consolidate and develop Scotland’s position as an international research leader in informatics and computer science (ICS).

In Scotland, SICSA has one of the five biggest top-quality research clusters in ICS in the world, with more than 200 world-class academic researchers.

It also represents the foremost cluster of ICS research in the UK: about 16% of the very best research output comes from Scotland, and SICSA members hold about 20% of national ICS research funds.

For more information on SICSA please visit the SICSA website at:

Research Themes


SICSA is currently funding more than 30 academic posts across Scotland and allocates 20 prize studentships across SICSA per year. SICSA also has funding to support research events, visits from distinguished visitors and student summer school and training events. For more information see: