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Edinburgh Napier University hr

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Human Resources & Development Team

At Edinburgh Napier University we are committed to providing a stimulating, rewarding and supportive work environment so that we remain a successful University and an employer of choice. We hope that all members of staff gain something useful from this site. The Human Resources and Development team are committed to the highest standards of service.


You are already part of the team at Edinburgh Napier University – so we don’t need to tell you how great it is to work here.  As the University develops so do you.  So if you are looking for a new challenge, please login into “HR Connect Self Service” on the staff intranet page.

I want to apply for an internal Vacancy?

Internal vacancies are now accessible via HR Connect Self Service.  To view open vacancies(please ensure you use Internext explorer):
1.       Please login to “HR connect self service page” via the quick links on the intranet.
2.       Click on the “Current Vacancies” tab on the right hand side of the quick links.
3.       This should take you to a new job search page. Scroll down the page and click the grey “Search” button.
4.       Once your search is complete. Click on the “job title(in blue)” for example “Lecturer in Accounting” to access that position and click the grey “Apply online” button.
5.       Read all the instructions and then complete the online application form.
6.       Ensure your personal information is correct and up to date such as address, mobile number etc.

Edinburgh Napier University hr

Recruitment & Selection

The University must ensure that they recruit the right people with the right skills into the right roles. Human Resources and Development  will support managers with the recruitment and selection process to help ensure this.

Key Recruitment Documents

Here are some key tools to help you plan and manage your recruitment process: