Edinburgh Napier University Games Development

Edinburgh Napier University Games Development

BSc/BSc (Hons)Games Development

Undergraduate, Full-Time

Study the intricacies of software engineering to prepare for a career in one of the world’s largest as fastest growing entertainment industries.

Course introduction

BSc Games Development prepares you for the technical end of this exciting entertainment industry. This course provides you with opportunities in the games industry, related research and development companies as well as traditional software engineering. Our accredited course equips you with the skills and techniques needed for a career in games programming.

Skill Driven

Our course will teach you the fundamental skills to create games technologies from scratch. We won’t just teach you how to use tools like games engines, we’ll teach you how to make them yourself.

Challenging & Social

Games Development requires individuals that go over and above, people who are driven to learn and do more. Working with others as you create new virtual worlds will be the hardest and most rewarding experience you could ask for in the computing industry.

Outstanding Employability

A strong emphasis on Maths and Computer Science alongside the Games content will allow you to on take skilled jobs in industries you might not exepct.

Edinburgh Napier University Games Development

The BSc Games Development degree provides you with the overall general skills of a good software engineer, with a specialism in games-related technologies. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of game technologies, incorporating practical skills in programming, rendering, artificial intelligence, mathematics, hardware and software engineering. You will have the opportunity to undertake various projects that will allow you to explore advanced game technology concepts with suitable supervisor support. There will also be the opportunity to work with our Digital Media students for group based projects.

The course has been designed to offer advanced entry to year 2 for students with an HNC in a related subject area, such as Games Development or Computing.

This course will provide you with the necessary knowledge of games development and cultivate your professional skills within a broader area. You will be able to understand concepts of playfulness and the structure of games, as well as how to produce digital content. You will gain transferable skills in problem solving, planning, team work, and project management.

The Games Development Degree at Edinburgh Napier University is one of a select number of courses to be accredited by Creative Skillset, the government body which monitors such courses, meeting the stringent technical and industrial requirements (mathematics, software engineering, industry engagement, facilities).

Professional accreditation:

BCS Educational AffiliateNVidia CUDA Teaching CenterPlayStation.FirstUnreal EngineCreative Skill Set

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