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Edinburgh Napier University Eduroam

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The main wireless network for Edinburgh Napier students is eduroam.

Once connected to eduroam you have wireless access both on campus and at other participating institutions.

The Cloud Guest WiFi service is for visitors only.

About the eduroam service

Free WiFi imageThe eduroam Wireless Service enables students to connect to the Edinburgh Napier University network using a mobile device.   This service is available across the Edinburgh Napier University campuses.

Once connected to the Wireless service you will be able to access:

  • The Internet
  • Personal data area and recall area (via MyDrive)
  • Other web based services, such as the Portal, email and Moodle.
The service standard is as follows:
  • WLAN standard:  802.11g (2.4GHz) with speeds up to 54Mbps (802.11b compatible but with slower speeds up to 11Mbps)
  • Security standard:  Currently, the Wireless service supports only WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) which is the preferred standard.

Connecting your device to eduroam

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Before you use the Wireless service you must ensure:
You can configure your device by connecting to the Wireless-Help network and opening a browser.  Find out more…

 Edinburgh Napier University Eduroam

Links to the manual eduroam configuration documents can be found below:

Wireless Configuration Guide – Windows 10
Wireless Configuration Video – Windows 10
Wireless Configuration Guide – Windows XP
Wireless Configuration Guide – Windows Vista
Wireless Configuration Guide – Windows 7
Wireless Configuration Guide – Windows 8
 Wireless Configuration Guide – Mac 10.3 and 10.4
 Wireless Configuration Guide – Mac 10.5
Wireless Configuration Guide – Mac 10.7
Wireless Configuration Guide – Mac 10.8/9
 Wireless Configuration Guide – Linux Ubuntu 11.04
 Wireless Configuration Guide – Symbian
 Wireless Configuration Guide – Android
 Wireless Configuration Guide – iPhone
 Wireless Configuration Guide – iPad

Please note:  Edinburgh Napier University Wireless network does not currently support the Kindle, however the Kindle Fire is supported.

If you experience problems with the Wireless Service please contact the IS Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

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