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EHSU Societies – start an excellent Edge Hill experience! 

With so many here, we think there is something to suit almost everyone.

Welcome to Societies at EHSU. Here you can find a full list and descriptions of all our existing societies, information about setting up your own society and the benefits of doing so. There are also helpful resources and useful tips on how to improve your society and make it the best it can be.

Societies are diverse, dynamic, student-led membership networks based on shared identity, belief, interest or purpose. Importantly, they are a great laugh too.

Being a member of a society will give you the chance to meet likeminded people and make your student life better. It can be a very enriching experience, helping your networking and social circles grow and really “rounding out” your time here. You might have a hidden talent, or a hobby you’ve always wanted to try or you might just want to meet lots of people and have a great time?

You owe it to yourself to give it a go!

Clubs and Societies

Clubs and SocietiesThe Students’ Union manages over 70 societies which bring a diverse, dynamic and fun variety of student-led activities to the campus.

Being a member of a society will give you the chance to meet likeminded people, make new friends and enrich your student life.

You might discover a hidden talent, enjoy a hobby you’ve always wanted to try, or just have a great time!

With so many options to choose from, there really is something for everyone.

The range of societies includes:

  • African and Caribbean – celebrating cultural diversity through fashion shows, food tastings, dance-offs and film nights;
  • Astronomy and Stargazing – talks and discussions on everything space-related, including observations of the night sky and social activities;
  • Big Games – relive your playground days with games such as hide and seek and manhunt;
  • Christian Union – participate in weekly worship, pray with your peers, and hear and respond to readings from the Bible;
  • Clubs and SocietiesCircus Skills – master the art of juggling, hula hooping, diablo, poi, staff and devil sticks in fun and creative workshops;
  • Cosplay – dress up as characters from books, films, games and television shows, or choose a costume and make-up to suit a specific theme, and participate in unique events or productions;
  • Dextrosity – a performance production society for budding musicians, singers, actors, dancers, photographers and sound/camera/studio engineers of all abilities;
  • Disney – enjoy and discuss a big-screen, animated movie each week and share your appreciation of all things Walt Disney;
  • Friends of Coronation Park – promoting community engagement through students and local residents working in conjunction with West Lancashire Borough Council to volunteer and lead conservation sessions, school sessions, health walks and park events;
  • Harry Potter – participate in events, activities and team competitions which indulge your love of Harry Potter, including an annual Yule Ball and big screen movie marathons;
  • LGBT+ Society – supporting students, promoting equality and raising awareness of LGBT+ issues alongside a busy social programme;
  • Medieval Re-Enactment – participate in unique combat sessions, make your own medieval kit, and re-create Anglo-Norman society in authentic re-enactments;
  • Murder Mystery – explore a web of lies and intrigue but keep your secrets safe in evenings of murder, mystery and mayhem;
  • Games CafeMusical Theatre– take to the stage and sing, act and dance your way through rehearsals, socials, showcases and full musical productions;
  • Poetry Society – enjoy workshops and readings and compete for poetry prizes;
  • Pole Fitness – try your hand at pole dancing and discover a great way to have fun and improve your health, strength and flexibility;
  • RAG (Raise and Giving) – raise money through organising and participating in exciting and challenging charity events;
  • Table Top Gaming – roll the dice and try a variety of non-computer based activities, from role play to board and card games;
  • Video Gaming – compete in a variety of multiplayer games on a big screen.

This is just a small selection of the groups available. For a more comprehensive list of clubs and societies, visit www.edgehillsu.org.uk/groups.

If something you are interested in isn’t currently listed, you can set up a society of your own.

Sport and Leisure

Sport and LeisureIf you want to get involved in sport and recreational activities, our Campus Sport programme is for you.

It’s a great way to get active in weekly sessions, in a wide range of sports, with the option of participating in social leagues.

Alternatively, you may want to represent the University in competitive sport as part of Team Edge Hill.


Vibe MediaYou can also hit the airwaves with VibeMedia.

Combining a student-led radio station, TV channel and an online platform, VibeMedia is for anyone interested in participating in television, radio shows or writing.

It is open to all students, not just those doing media courses.