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English Literature BA (Hons)
Tell us about your overall university experience so far.

25 Apr 17

In all honesty, I am really disappointed by the experience offered by this university. They have raised tuition fees and limited module choices for second and third year students so we are paying significantly more for less choice. The module options do not offer enough variety and barely contain those advertised on their website or during open days. My experience with staff has been inconsistent and largely underwhelming. I’d be extremely hesitant to recommend the university for anything other than education and sports degrees.

Job Prospects
How does your uni make efforts to increase your employability (careers department, work placements, transferable skills)?

During my own experience I have had received no input from the English department. I had also been left for a year before being informed that my personal tutor had left the university, I believe this has also been a contributing factor.

Course and Lecturers
What’s the best thing about your course & lecturers?

My lectures during first year were engaging and well structured, however, this quickly deteriorated.

Student Union
What do you think of your Students’ Union? If you don’t get involved, why not?

As a student who lives of campus, I have found it especially difficult to engage with the students union at the university due to poor communication and a lack of interest from the department.

Uni Facilities
How good are your university’s facilities?

The English department does not have it’s own building, we have an old corridor that is also shared with English Language and History. I was left severely underwhelmed considering the recent developments of other departmental building and student accommodation.