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Year 12 Summer Residential

Year 12 Summer ResidentialsThe Education Liaison and Events Team are able to offer opportunities for Year 12 (Year 13 if in Northern Ireland) and 1st Year college students to experience life on campus during the course of a four-day, three night summer residential visit.

A wide range of departments are taking part and students will select the subject area they are most interested in pursuing at university, in order to get a real insight into what it would be like to study that subject. All residential attendees will have access to the University Library and IT network for the duration of the residential. Evening activities (some compulsory and some optional) will run each night, and students will stay in halls of residence. Current Edge Hill University undergraduate students will be on hand throughout the residential, offering support and guidance where necessary.

Year 12 Summer ResidentialsPlaces are fully funded by the university, and those interested in attending are required to submit an application form, consisting of a short `personal statement` and education history, which will be used in the selection process. Please note that the University does not cover the cost of travel to and from the Summer Residential.

As this residential event takes place during the summer holidays, students must enquire and apply individually. Details of the residential will be sent (via post and electronically) to key contacts within schools / colleges and displayed on this website.

If you are a Teacher or Careers Adviser and would like to be added to our key contacts database, please contact the Education Liaison Officer responsible for your region, or email educationliaison@edgehill.ac.uk.

Dates and subjects we are offering this year.

How to Apply

In order to attend the Summer Residential you are required to complete an application form, which is available under the subject descriptions for each academic area.

There is a time limit of four hours to complete the application form. As part of the form we ask you to complete a supporting statement (max. 400 words), to tell us:

  • Why you have selected your chosen subject area
  • How the residential will benefit you in making your decision about Higher Education

We recommend that you write your supporting statement in a Word Document before you start your application and then copy and paste it into the form. This is excellent practice for writing a personal statement and we encourage you to take it seriously. Places are limited and will be allocated on the basis of predicted grades and the quality of a student’s supporting statement.

You will also need the name and email address of your referee from your school or college so that we can verify your eligibility for the residential, so please ensure you have this to hand before starting your application.

Teaching and Education Residential applicants only: If you are applying for the Teaching and Education Residential we will also ask you to complete an additional short statement (max. 300 words), telling us:

  • What you understand about the role of a teacher OR the educational role you are interested in.

We recommend that you write your statement in a Word Document before you start your application and then copy and paste it into the form.

Remember, please apply as soon as possible as places are limited. 

Best of luck and we look forward to hearing from you!