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Feeling Poorly at Uni!

So its that time of year again when everyone is getting ill, and you can’t walk 50 yards without someone coughing or sneezing on you! And thats exactly whats happened to me this week, i’ve had both the cough and … Continue reading →

It’s all change in Milton House room

The official opening of a room that has been revamped by Edge Hill students will take place on Tuesday 29th May.

A ‘Changing Rooms’ competition, gave students the challenge to come up with a plan to refurbish the Group Room situated in the Health and Wellbeing Centre in Milton House to make it more relaxing and welcoming and to stimulate creativity and discussion.

The competition winner was Luke Shoesmith, a first year Film and TV Production student, whose vision was to improve the layout by maximising the available floor space, making the room flexible to accommodate events, meetings and functions and changing the colour scheme and decoration to make the environment more relaxing.