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At Edge Hill University we continue to invest in the physical infrastructure, the facilities and services, and most importantly the PEOPLE that underpin an excellent student experience. This is illustrated perfectly in our video showcasing the beautiful campus: http://edgehill.ac.uk/beautiful

We passionately believe that our fantastic campus environment and our fantastic staff, contribute significantly to the attraction, recruitment and retention of our students and our staff.

Our multi-award-winning, in-house Facilities Management (FM) team at the university provides the majority of customer-centric support facilities and services, and we appreciate just how important and significant these services are to those who choose to study, work or visit here.

We believe that FM is about managing and supporting the interface between PEOPLE and PLACES. At Edge Hill University, you will find that our staff are friendly, supportive and dedicated; and the continued investment in our physical campus facilities and services have resulted in the creation of a stunning learning, working and social environment.

Our PEOPLE remain our most valuable asset, and FM’s continued focus on the development and nurturing of a positive employee/customer-centric culture, The FM Way is already yielding positive and, hopefully, enduring results.

I personally believe that a great customer experience begins with a great employee experience – and our journey of cultural development will continue as we are certainly MAD – Making A Difference! #MAD

Whatever your reason to visit our university, you will find that the FM staff are committed to providing you with an exceptional customer experience: via the timely delivery of consistently high-quality professional facilities and services.

We actively encourage your feedback and your involvement in the development of our facilities and services. We wish to continue to work with you to keep on improving our services and to further enhance an absolutely fantastic campus.