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Edge Hill University Bursaries

Prospective Students

Edge Hill University offers a range of scholarships to reward excellence in prospective students.

Excellence Scholarships and Sports Scholarships have an application process while the High Achievers Scholarship and Liverpool Scholarship are awarded automatically to eligible prospective students. More information about each scholarship is available via the links below.

Excellence Scholarships

Excellence Scholarships celebrate determination, commitment and achievement outside of your studies at school or college, for instance in creativity, enterprise, ICT, performance or volunteering.

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Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships reward talent, achievement and dedication in sport and are designed to enhance your sporting performance.

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High Achievers Scholarship

Eligible entrants are rewarded for outstanding grades in final A Level or BTEC examinations through the High Achievers Scholarship.

Find out more about the High Achievers Scholarship >>

Liverpool Scholarship

The Liverpool Scholarship rewards the prospective student(s) living in the City of Liverpool who achieves the highest UCAS Tariff score.

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Additional Scholarships for International Students

International students may be considered for a range of additional scholarships.

Further information about these extra scholarships, available only to overseas students or asylum seekers, can be found at www.edgehill.ac.uk/international/fees/scholarships.