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Echo 360 University of Exeter

Echo 360 Lecture Capture System

The Echo 360 Lecture Capture System allows lectures to be recorded and played back and has become an important and popular facility with staff and students. The system records the lecture and automatically digitises it and makes it available to students for review within ELE (Exeter Learning Environment).The Echo system is currently available in the following lecture theatres :-

  • Newman A
  • Amory Parker Moot
  • Streatham Court A
  • Laver LT6
  • Matrix Lecture Theatre (Business School)
  • Bateman Lecture Theatre (Business School)
  • Baring Court 114 (St Lukes)

The system will be extended to more areas (for example the Forum) in the coming months.

Echo 360 University of Exeter

You can also make Echo360 recordings in the Teaching Studio within the Education Enhancement Unit. Here you can record lectures or presentations  in a small room (without audience) and then distribute the recording link through ELE or via email.

As well as recording video, the output of any learning aids used such as PowerPoint or a Visualiser is collected. Digitising lectures like this enhances the student experience, provides a rich online resource and promotes excellent teaching.

An evaluation of the system has shown that students value the opportunity to review lectures, particularly as an aid to revision for examinations and to enhance their understanding of difficult concepts.

If you would like to have your lectures recorded please see the Learning Spaces Echo360 Web Page for more information.