Eamonn O Neill University of Bath

Eamonn O Neill University of Bath

University of Bath


Prof Eamonn O’Neill


Research interests

My main research interests are in developing, evaluating and understanding innovative forms of human-technology interaction and technology-mediated human-human interaction. Topics include mixed, augmented and virtual reality, and interaction with intelligent machines and software.

My research has the overarching goal of contributing to an applied science of interactive systems. This involves deriving design principles for the development of such systems that are theoretically well-founded, empirically tested and operationalised for people’s use. This research covers the spectrum of technological, cognitive and social challenges and opportunities that these systems offer.


 Eamonn O Neill University of Bath, Publications

Finnegan, D., O’Neill, E. and Proulx, M., 2016. Compensating for Distance Compression in Audiovisual Virtual Environments Using Incongruence. In: SIGCHI Conference in Human Factors in Computing Systems 2016, 2016-05-07.

Ridge, A. and O’Neill, E., 2015. Establishing requirements for end-user service composition tools. Requirements Engineering, 20 (4), pp. 435-463.

De Angeli, D. and O’Neill, E., 2015. Development of an inexpensive Augmented Reality (AR) headset. In: CHI EA ’15 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems. New York, U. S. A.: ACM, pp. 971-976.

Ren, G., Hourizi, R. and O’Neill, E., 2015. Forthcoming. Situation Awareness and Home Energy Consumption Feedback. In: The 5th World Sustainability Forum, 2015, 2015-09-07 – 2015-09-09, Basel.

Ren, G., Hourizi, R. and O’Neill, E., 2015. Forthcoming. Situation awareness and home energy reduction:a study.  ………..