e-Learning University of Cambridge

E-Learning University of Cambridge

Cambridge e-Learning Institute is a private organisation based in Cambridge-UK working on the development of courses and resources in the life sciences.

At CEI we feel that education should be made available to all, bringing subjects that are usually taught in Higher Education, to the public.

We work with different partners to deliver online courses, face-to-face workshops, training and develop subject-based educational resources.

CEI is based in the UK but our work expands internationally. Our areas of expertise range from secondary education in science to specialist professional subjects. Here are some examples of what we do:

CEI’s  mission  is to  promote the understanding of ourselves and  of  our surrounding world through science and an ethical framework based on sustainability and welfare values. 

e-learning modules

These e-learning modules give the student/reader an opportunity to approach Structrual Geology in a somewhat different way, by means of animations and short and concise text. Hence, these e-modules do not replace the book, but act as a supplement.

If you are using the 1st edition: please note that the 2nd edition includes a new chapter (8) resulting in a +1 change in numbering for 1st edition chapters 8-21.

The e-modules require FlashPlayer and therefore do not run on iPads or iPhones. The animations in the e-modules are also provided as separate html files, which can be viewed on these devices.