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You can download a document which provides a quick guide to the locations and sizes of teaching rooms in Durham by building from the link below. A University map is provided (see Related Links at right) to help you locate the rooms. More detailed descriptions of rooms and their equipment are available through the CIS website (see Related Links at right).

Bill Bryson Library The DS Access Room is opposite the Help and Information desk on level 2 of the Bill Bryson Library.
Queen’s Campus Library : Room D236 in the Library on Level 2 of the Ebsworth Building.

These study rooms are for the sole use of University members registered with Disability Support. To guarantee access, you need to book the room online in advance https://www.dur.ac.uk/library/services/essential/study-rooms/ and pick up the key at the Help and Information desk when you want to use the room. You can also contact the Help and Information desk at the Bill Bryson Library on 0191 334 3042 or at Queen’s Campus Library on 0191 334 0270 if you need help with this.

You can always check if the room happens to be free on the day. However, it is a good idea to think ahead and book slots to use the room in advance. To be fair to all potential users, we take bookings for up to 4 hours and do not allow consecutive bookings. If you have not collected the key within 15 minutes of the time you have booked, the room may be given to another user. The room must be locked after use and returned to the member of staff on duty. Students who fail to do may be prevented from using it in future. Please note that there is a fine of £1 per hour for the late return of a study room key.