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Standard Printing

You can print from any of our computer classrooms – each room has a dedicated printer which will automatically be selected as the destination when you choose to print one of your files. The Library has special print zones from which you can collect your printing.

If you’re a member of staff, take a look at our staff printing pages.

Print Charges

There is a small charge for printing and you can put money on your account or check your balance via this webpage. To be able to print you will need to have some print credit – if you go overdrawn you can’t print, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough credit to print what you need. This is especially important for publications that you are only allowed to print once (i.e. British Library, official publications etc) – if you don’t have enough credit and you try to print, you may lose your one chance to print the document.

How to print

From my own device

  • You can print from your own laptop, tablet or phone by sending your file as an attachment to print@durham.ac.uk (no need for a subject line or any text in the email). Alternatively, if you want to print a colour document in black and white (and so only be charged for monochrome printing), send it to printmono@durham.ac.uk
  • You’ll need to collect the printing you send from one of our multi-function printers (available in the Bill Bryson and Queen’s Campus Libraries, CM131, and expanding to other locations) using your campus card or username and password.
Note that when sending a file to print@durham.ac.uk the system will automatically detect colour and charge you accordingly – if there’s any colour on the page, even a single blue hyperlink – you’ll be charged for a colour page. If you want to make sure you’re charged for black and white, its best to send your file to printmono@durham.ac.uk

From a University PC (NPCS)

  • When you choose to print from an NPCS PC (in a computer classroom or in the Library or your college), a pop up window will appear showing your current print balance and how much the print job will cost.
  • Depending on your location, your printing will either come straight off the printer or you will need to swipe your campus card to retrieve it.

For details on how to print, check out our infosheet.