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What happens to your application?

  • Your application is forwarded to us by UCAS, when they have finished processing it.
  • Once we receive your application we will acknowledge this by email or letter. If you have not heard from the Admissions Team within three weeks of submitting your application to UCAS please contact us.
  • Your application is forwarded to the relevant department (or departments for some Joint Honours applications) for consideration. The department (or departments) will make a decision on whether an offer will be made.
  • For almost all courses we do not interview applicants and a decision is made using the application alone. There are however three specific circumstances where we invite applicants for interview: a) where external bodies determine that interviewing is compulsory (applicants to Initial Teacher Training and Medicine); b) applicants to the Foundation Centre; and c) applicants who do not in their application show adequate evidence of recent and relevant knowledge or who have experienced a break in their study prior to application. This will be determined by admissions selectors on an individual basis. There may arise exceptional circumstances, other than those listed above, when an interview is considered necessary.
  • Once the department(s) has made an academic decision the Admissions Team process this decision to UCAS for the applicant to view on UCAS Track. The decision issued through UCAS is the official decision.
  • If you receive an academic offer through UCAS we guarantee that you will be allocated to a college and will have a place in college-managed accommodation.

All academic departments are represented in each of our colleges and this is a very important part of our unique collegiate experience. We seek to maximise the number of applicants who are allocated to a college of their preference but recognise that not all applicants will be. For most colleges, each year there will be a number of applicants who are not allocated to their preference college due to it being oversubscribed for their subject.

  • Your college preference has no bearing on whether you receive an offer for the programme.
  • You will be contacted with a warm welcome by the college to which you have been allocated. You can see more information about college allocation on our College Office’s webpages.

How we select applicants

We aim to select applicants who we think will benefit most from the unique experience Durham University offers and can contribute most to university life, irrespective of their background. All applicants are assessed on the basis of merit and potential. This includes their motivation to make the most of the wide range of academic and non-academic opportunities available within Durham University. Our Admissions Policy is based on the core principles of fairness, transparency, consistency and operating a professional admissions process.