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The Faculty Handbook Online includes the programme regulations for all undergraduate degrees offered by Durham University. You can use the regulations to check which modules are compulsory on your programme, and which are optional. To find the regulations for your degree programme, use the Programme Search facility below.

Programme regulations should be read in conjunction with the Core Regulations for Undergraduate Programmes.

The Faculty Handbook Online also contains descriptions (including information on the content, teaching and assessment) for all current undergraduate modules. To view the individual modules you can:

  • use the Module Search facility below
  • click on the module code (e.g. COMP1021) in the regulations for your degree programme
  • use the departmental module listings to access every module offered by the University, by department and by level.

Please note: the module and programme information here is for current modules and programmes. Modules and programmes do change year-on-year, and are amended to take account of, for example: changing staff expertise, disciplinary developments, the requirements of external bodies and partners, and student feedback.

Further Information

Further information will typically be available from your department. You may also find it useful to consider: the Faculty Handbook Online’s Frequently Asked Questions; the guide to using the Module Search facility; and the glossary of terms.

Module Search

TypeOpen Tied Either
Level0 1 2 3 4 Any
Number of Credits20 40 60 80 100 120 Any
Module Code (use % for wildcard)

If you have a query about a specific module or degree programme, please contact the appropriate department.

If you have a question about Durham’s modular degree programmes, please visit our FAQ webpage.  If you have a question about modular programmes that is not covered by the FAQ, or a query about the on-line Faculty Handbook, please contact us using the Comments and Questions form below.