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Managing your loans

If you live close enough to the library to visit and borrow books, or if you use the postal loans service, then you might be interested to know that there are a several things which can do to make it easier to manage your loans from home:

Check whether a book is in the library before making a trip to the library by checking the entry in the library catalogue or via Discover (click on the “locations” tab to see what is available and where). These catalogues provide real-time information on the availability of books (but does not prevent them being borrowed by other students).

Viewing your library record. You can check to see what is issued to you at any time by viewing your online library record.Log in using your CIS username and password to see a list of all the books issued out to you and the dates they are due for return to the library. You can renew books up to 10 times (unless they are required by another library user). You can renew books from your library record or by phone. For further information see the general page on Renewing Loans. Your library record also shows any outstanding fines or charges and you can pay fines here too.

Fines. Library books are issued on the understanding that they are returned by a specific date which is printed on your issue receipt and shown on your library record. Items returned late are subject to fines. Fines can be paid with cash or a cheque in the library, or (for fines over £5.00) using the online fines payment link from your library record. Current rates of fines are displayed on the Loan Periods and Charges page.