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By | 24th May 2017

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Durham University Library Fines

Managing your loans

If you live close enough to the library to visit and borrow books, or if you use the postal loans service, then you might be interested to know that there are a several things which can do to make it easier to manage your loans from home:

Check whether a book is in the library before making a trip to the library by checking the entry in the library catalogue or via Discover (click on the “locations” tab to see what is available and where). These catalogues provide real-time information on the availability of books (but does not prevent them being borrowed by other students).

Viewing your library record. You can check to see what is issued to you at any time by viewing your online library record.Log in using your CIS username and password to see a list of all the books issued out to you and the dates they are due for return to the library. You can renew books up to 10 times (unless they are required by another library user). You can renew books from your library record or by phone. For further information see the general page on Renewing Loans. Your library record also shows any outstanding fines or charges and you can pay fines here too.

Fines. Library books are issued on the understanding that they are returned by a specific date which is printed on your issue receipt and shown on your library record. Items returned late are subject to fines. Fines can be paid with cash or a cheque in the library, or (for fines over £5.00) using the online fines payment link from your library record. Current rates of fines are displayed on the Loan Periods and Charges page.

When checking your library record it is worth noting that there are two types of fines displayed:

  • fines on items that have been returned (the fine has stopped increasing)
  • fines on books which are currently over-due (the fines are increasing hourly or daily).

You can pay fines where the fine has stopped increasing: these will be listed under “library charges”. You cannot pay fines which are still increasing and the current fine is shown next to the book in your list of “current loans”. You have to return or renew over-due books to halt the fine before you can pay the fine.

Recalls. You may be asked to return a book earlier than the date on your issue slip if another university member asks for it. You will be notified by email and given a week to return the book. Fines on recalled items are higher than those on standard loans. See the general page on Reservations and Recalls for more information about how the recall system works.

Posting books back to the library. If it is not conventient to visit the library to return books you can return them by post. The postal addresses of the various libraries are given on the contacts website. Books posted to you via the postal loans service should contain an address label for you to use. Ask for a receipt from the Post Office when sending the parcel: this is free and can be used as proof of postage.

If you are returning books borrowed from another library through the Document Delivery Service them please return them to the Document Delivery Service at Durham University rather than posting them directly to the lending library.

Loan periods and charges

How many items may I borrow from the Library?

Staff, Academics, Research Postgraduates 40

Taught Postgraduates 30

Undergraduates 20

Associate & subscription borrowers 7

How long can I borrow items for and what are the charges for returning items late?

Loan periods and charges for late return vary for different categories of user and item types.

Loan type Library user Loan period Charges for late return
Short loan items Undergraduates, Postgraduates and University staff 4 hours or overnight £1.00 per item per hour for Short Loan Collection items, study room keys, laptop loans, laptop power packs, mini mice & headphones packs.

20p per item per day on other 4 hour loan items.

Please note that Short loan items cannot be renewed.

Disability Support registered users 24 hours for Short Loan Collection items only.
3 day loan Undergraduates, Postgraduates, University staff, Associate and Subscription borrowers 3 days £1.00 per item per day
Disability Support registered users 5 days, except when there is already a following hold at the time of borrowing.
One week loan All 7 days 20p per item per day
Standard loan Undergraduates, Associate and Subscription borrowers 21 days 20p per day, or £1.00 per day on recalled items.
Taught Postgraduates 90 days
Staff, Academics and Research Postgraduates 6 months

Please check your library record for the exact due dates of all your items to ensure your items do not become overdue.

ALL standard loans, whether borrowed during term time or vacation, are subject to recall. Such items must be returned to the Library earlier than the original due date as they are required by another user. Users are informed of recalls and revised due dates by email. You must return ALL items to the library from where you borrowed them.

Fines are incurred on any overdue item. To avoid fines return or renew your books in time. Books can be renewed online via your account unless reserved by another user.

Fines on items which you have borrowed from the Library will continue to accrue on your borrowing record, increasing daily or hourly, until the items are returned or renewed, when the fines are added to your Library account. The maximun fine will be £20:00 per item. Unpaid fines and overdue books may result in the withdrawal of borrowing rights. When your account balance reaches £5.00, or you receive a second overdue reminder, your record will be blocked and you will be prevented from borrowing, renewing items or placing a reservation. An invoice for the amount and/or books owed, will be sent if debts are not cleared promptly. A further charge for the invoiced items will be incurred.Fines less than £5 may be paid in full and in person at the library. If you are having difficulties returning items, please contact the library.