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Reference code: GB-0033-ADD
Title: Durham University Library Additional Manuscripts
Dates of creation: 12th century – 20th century
Extent: several sequences of different sized materials
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: items gathered in accordance with the current collecting policy of the University Library.
Language: English


A few of the MSS below have been in the library for many years before 1945. Most of them were added by gift, deposit, or purchase between 1945 and 1961, with the object of enriching the local history collection. Other items have been found in printed materials.

Accession details

Given, where known, with each acquisition.


The list, numbers 1 – 731, was originally created according to standard book cataloguing procedure. This means that, unlike other lists of Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections material, the descriptions have been heavily normalized . This is especially obvious in the forms of names given below, which conform to the then current authority form, which means people are frequently referred to by titles that they did not hold at the time of the creation of the item. In view of this, descriptions and citations should be treated with some caution.


Summary list of the additional manuscripts accessioned and listed between September 1945 and September 1961, David Ramage
An index to MSS. Add. 1 – 731, which should be used with care, as it contains occasional references to items from other Durham University Library collections, and a collection of microfilms of Durham related manuscripts from other repositories.
Foxon, D. F., English verse, 1701-1750: a catalogue(London, 1975).


Add.MS 1-199

Add.MS. 1   1754-6
“A journal of some occurances [sic.] kept by Ra: Ward begun 6th Sept. 1754”(to end of 1756).
Journal kept by Ralph Ward, Gisbro.
Size: 30 cm.
Bought from Grafton, £3. 3s., October 1945.
Add.MS. 2   1928-44
Towie Castle, and The Widow, Maids of Athens, (Silverdale). Three verse plays by Gordon Bottomley in author’s pencil manuscript.
Size: 13 x 18 cm
Presented by the author, October 1945.
Add.MS. 3   29 December 1903
Letter from Selby W. Plummer, Durham, to Dean Kitchin, on the exhumation of St Cuthbert’s remains.
With typescript transcript.
Size: 25 cm.
Presented by Mrs Sclater Booth of Castle Eden, 15 February 1946.
Add.MSS. 4-6
Presented by Dunlop Rubber Co. via B.R.A. [B.R.A. 329], 13 June 1946.
Add.MSS. 4 & 5   1 and 2 October 1772
Release and lease of Longridge in the parish of Norham by Francis Ord, H.L. Ord and others to William Dugall and Thomas Dugall.
Parchment   1m.
Size: Lease: 34 x 46 cm.
Add.MS. 6   4 May 1791
Lease of Longridge in the parish of Norham by John Forster to Robert Hopper Williamson.
Size: 48 x 64 cm.
Add.MSS. 7 – 16   c.1920
Billingham development documents: 8 plans, printed copy of Tees Valley Water Bill, and typewritten list of Billingham and Stockton councillors.
Deposited on permanent loan by G.F. Brown & Co. via the B.R.A. [B.R.A. 590], 13 June 1946.
Add.MS. 17   1825-35
Pencil drawings of celebrities of the city of Durham, by J. Bouet (Joseph Sebastien Victor François Bouet, sometimes called Nicolas Bouet, 1791-1856, artist, of Durham City).
75 portraits, including some engravings, photographs etc.
Size: 32 cm.
From Castle Eden. Bought from Steedman, £4. 14. 6. 1 July 1946.
Cross, David A., The art of Joseph Bouet (1795-1856) : a catalogue of two albums in Palace Green Library (Special Collections) Durham University with reference to other works located in Durham and elsewhere(Durham, 2003).
Add.MS. 18   December 1945
Lumley Castle: Mining report by Forster, Raw and Partners, Newcastle, to G.E. Fawcus Esq. (typescript).
27f. and 8 plans.
Size: 33 cm.
Presented by G.E. Fawcus Esq.
Add.MSS. [19-156]
Numbers formerly used for part of the Van Mildert Papers, which were transferred from Additional Manuscripts to form a separate collection, June 2006.
Add.MSS. 157-162   1822-1849[?]
Six poems in her own hand by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, some incomplete and probably unpublished [?]:
“Savonarola”, pp.9-10;13-16, apparently continuous.
“My beloved sister … Henrietta on her birthday … March 6th 1822”.
“A flower in a letter”, stanzas XVII-XX.
“A child’s grave at Florence”, stanzas 25-32.
“Sweetest do not fly me”, draft with alterations.
“O my little soft soul”, draft with alterations.

The second poem is torn at the top and bottom.
6 pieces: 8f., various sizes.
Bought from A. Rogers, £12. 12s., 13 March 1947.