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Durham University Library Catalogue

Reference code: GB-0033-ADD
Title: Durham University Library Additional Manuscripts
Dates of creation: 12th century – 20th century
Extent: several sequences of different sized materials
Held by: Durham University Library, Archives and Special Collections
Origination: items gathered in accordance with the current collecting policy of the University Library.
Language: English


A few of the MSS below have been in the library for many years before 1945. Most of them were added by gift, deposit, or purchase between 1945 and 1961, with the object of enriching the local history collection. Other items have been found in printed materials.

Accession details

Given, where known, with each acquisition.


The list, numbers 1 – 731, was originally created according to standard book cataloguing procedure. This means that, unlike other lists of Durham University Library Archives and Special Collections material, the descriptions have been heavily normalized . This is especially obvious in the forms of names given below, which conform to the then current authority form, which means people are frequently referred to by titles that they did not hold at the time of the creation of the item. In view of this, descriptions and citations should be treated with some caution.


Summary list of the additional manuscripts accessioned and listed between September 1945 and September 1961, David Ramage
An index to MSS. Add. 1 – 731, which should be used with care, as it contains occasional references to items from other Durham University Library collections, and a collection of microfilms of Durham related manuscripts from other repositories.
Foxon, D. F., English verse, 1701-1750: a catalogue(London, 1975).


Add.MS 1-199

Add.MS. 1   1754-6
“A journal of some occurances [sic.] kept by Ra: Ward begun 6th Sept. 1754”(to end of 1756).
Journal kept by Ralph Ward, Gisbro.
Size: 30 cm.
Bought from Grafton, £3. 3s., October 1945.
Add.MS. 2   1928-44
Towie Castle, and The Widow, Maids of Athens, (Silverdale). Three verse plays by Gordon Bottomley in author’s pencil manuscript.
Size: 13 x 18 cm
Presented by the author, October 1945.
Add.MS. 3   29 December 1903
Letter from Selby W. Plummer, Durham, to Dean Kitchin, on the exhumation of St Cuthbert’s remains.
With typescript transcript.
Size: 25 cm.
Presented by Mrs Sclater Booth of Castle Eden, 15 February 1946.
Add.MSS. 4-6
Presented by Dunlop Rubber Co. via B.R.A. [B.R.A. 329], 13 June 1946.
Add.MSS. 4 & 5   1 and 2 October 1772
Release and lease of Longridge in the parish of Norham by Francis Ord, H.L. Ord and others to William Dugall and Thomas Dugall.
Parchment   1m.
Size: Lease: 34 x 46 cm.
Add.MS. 6   4 May 1791
Lease of Longridge in the parish of Norham by John Forster to Robert Hopper Williamson.
Size: 48 x 64 cm.
Add.MSS. 7 – 16   c.1920
Billingham development documents: 8 plans, printed copy of Tees Valley Water Bill, and typewritten list of Billingham and Stockton councillors.
Deposited on permanent loan by G.F. Brown & Co. via the B.R.A. [B.R.A. 590], 13 June 1946.
Add.MS. 17   1825-35
Pencil drawings of celebrities of the city of Durham, by J. Bouet (Joseph Sebastien Victor François Bouet, sometimes called Nicolas Bouet, 1791-1856, artist, of Durham City).
75 portraits, including some engravings, photographs etc.
Size: 32 cm.
From Castle Eden. Bought from Steedman, £4. 14. 6. 1 July 1946.
Cross, David A., The art of Joseph Bouet (1795-1856) : a catalogue of two albums in Palace Green Library (Special Collections) Durham University with reference to other works located in Durham and elsewhere(Durham, 2003).
Add.MS. 18   December 1945
Lumley Castle: Mining report by Forster, Raw and Partners, Newcastle, to G.E. Fawcus Esq. (typescript).
27f. and 8 plans.
Size: 33 cm.
Presented by G.E. Fawcus Esq.
Add.MSS. [19-156]
Numbers formerly used for part of the Van Mildert Papers, which were transferred from Additional Manuscripts to form a separate collection, June 2006.
Add.MSS. 157-162   1822-1849[?]
Six poems in her own hand by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, some incomplete and probably unpublished [?]:
“Savonarola”, pp.9-10;13-16, apparently continuous.
“My beloved sister … Henrietta on her birthday … March 6th 1822”.
“A flower in a letter”, stanzas XVII-XX.
“A child’s grave at Florence”, stanzas 25-32.
“Sweetest do not fly me”, draft with alterations.
“O my little soft soul”, draft with alterations.

The second poem is torn at the top and bottom.
6 pieces: 8f., various sizes.
Bought from A. Rogers, £12. 12s., 13 March 1947.

Add.MS. 163
Letter from Sir William Schwenk Gilbert, beginning “Dear Watkins”, dated “Sunday” only, Kensington.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Loosely inserted in a volume bought Sotheby’s, 30 July 1947.
Add.MS. 164   1947
Photographs of the book presented to Princess Elizabeth by the University of Durham on 23 October 1947at the laying of the foundation of St Mary’s College, specially bound by Sydney M. Cockerell.
With a specimen of the leather, tooling and lettering.
Size: 25 cm.
Presented by S.M. Cockerell, 16 January 1948.
Add.MS. 165   1891
Memorial verses on the death of William Bell Scott by Algernon Charles Swinburne.
Author’s autograph manuscript.
Printed in the Athenaeum, 28 February 1891, p.281 (copy of printed version included here), and in Astrophel and other poems, 1894.
Size: 34 x 20 cm.
Bought Sotheby’s £5. 10s. 9-10 February 1948.
[Add.MSS. 166-167]
Relocated to Durham University Records, as UND/F9/E1B/1-2, 12 June 2006.
[Add.MS. 168.]
Relocated as Thomas Wright MS. 16, September 2003.
Add.MSS. 169.-174   11 February 1853 – 13 December 1853
Six autograph letters of Edward Bradley, relating to the Verdant Green drawings, etc, Stilton, Leigh.
Bought Myers, £5. 5s., 1948.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 175   Between 1672 and 1719
Printed copy of The ancient rites … of Durham, (London, 1672), edited by J. Davies of Kidwelly, interleaved with ms. notes by James Mickleton (1638-1693), the dedicatee, with a few notes by his grandson James Mickleton (1688-1719).
Size: Octavo
Bought Goldschmidt, £6, 24 March 1949.
Add.MS. [176.]
Minutes and accounts of Durham University Choral Society, 1903-1921: now transferred to UND/GE4/A1, University of Durham Society Records.
Add.MS. 177   11 and 18 January 1776
Letter from Henry Seymour Conway, signed H.S.S., written Henley and London.
Size: 24 x 19 cm.
Found in book accessioned 27 August 1949 (found in a folder indicating it to have been part of a sale of autograph letters formerly belonging to Alfred Morrison.
Add.MS. 178   24 December 1792
Indenture of apprenticeship of Thomas Young of Gateshead to William Wilson, pipe-maker (on a printed form).
Size: 14 x 26 cm.
Presented by J.A. Gordon Esq., Bede College, 7 October 1948.
Add.MS. 179   1833
The education of the peasantry in England. What is it? & what ought it to be? with a somewhat detailed account of the establishment of M. de Fellenberg at Hofwyl in Switzerland, by Baldwin Francis Duppa (published, London, 1834).
Author’s signed manuscript.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Binding: Vellum bound.
Bought from P. Murray Hill, £2.16s. 8d., Autumn 1949.
Add.MS. 180   20 May 1818
Letter from Count Jozef Boruwlaski, London, to Miss Ebdon, Durham, with signature and seal.
2f. (one blank).
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Formerly loose in Boruwlaski’s Memoirs(Durham, 1820), accession no. 78,793.
Presented by Mr H.W. Fox, 1948.
Add.MS. 181   1818
Durham County election ball.
Verses, attributed to _. Ord of Newton Ketton.
Size: 19 x 15 cm.
Presented by Stanley Smith (ex Armstrong College), Spring 1950.
Add.MSS. 182.-184   1911-22
John Masefield: letter, signed, undated, from Boar’s Hill to Mr Grubb: 2 postcards, one from Gt Hampden, signed, dated 21 September 1911, to G.P Putnams Sons, the other, initialled, from Boar’s Hill, postmarked [19]22.
Size: 18 x 11 cm; 14 x 9 cm.
Bought with books at auction, November 1949.
Add.MSS. 185.-186   1903
Two letters from Samuel Waddington, signed, one on Board of Trade paper, from 7 Whitehall Gardens, S.W., 25 March 1903, the other from 47 Connaught St, W.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Bought with copy of Poems(1902), c.1949-50.
Add.MS. [187.]   13th century
Fragment of a commentary on the Psalms, showing Ps. CII, 1, 2, 3, 4. A large initial has been cut out.
Size: 17 x 13 cm.
From the binding of Fuchs, Histoire générale des plantes, Cosin T.v.53.
Now transferred to Fragments Portfolio 1, no. 24.
Add.MS. 188   14 March 1895
Letter from T.E. Young to Hardy, signed, returning his copy of the Babylonian Record.
Size: 20 x 13 cm.
Found in Babylonian Record, 24 November 1949.
Add.MS. 189   4 February 1893
Letter from Joseph Bain, London to G. Neilson.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Found in Calendar of Documents relating to Scotland, vol. iv, c. 1949-50.
Add.MS. 190   c.1850
“A repertory of the Close Rolls of the Court of Chancery of Durham”(manuscript), by William Henry Brockett.
With letter of author, initialled W.H.B., inserted.
Bookplate of Matthew Mackey; inscriptions of C.O.P. Gibson and W.H.D. Longstaffe.
80, 1f.
Size: 24 x 18 cm.
Bought from Johnson’s Bookstall, Durham, 5s., 16 October 1946.
Add.MS. 191   1776
A sketch of the life and character of … Richard Trevor, Lord Bishop of Durham. With a particular account of his last illness., (Darlington, printed by Messrs Darnton & Smith, 1776), compiled by George Allan and incorporating an account of Trevor’s last illness, which is ascribed within the text to Robert Hutchinson, one of the bishop’s domestic servants, by whom the portrait of Trevor in the engraved frontispiece was drawn.
Proof copy (quarto) of the printed text (port.+[iv]+13+[i]pp.) with Allan’s ms corrections, preceded by an engraved portrait of Allan, an earlier proof of the printed title page with imprint date 1775, another proof of the engraved frontispiece portrait of Bishop Trevor and an ink and wash drawing of him with related notes, specimens of Bishop Trevor’s signature, and Allan’s fair copy manuscript text of the printed work. A marginal note added in red ink on p. 12 of the ms records the suggestion, heard in Durham by WH [? William Hutchinson, historian of Co. Durham] that the account of Bishop Trevor’s illness was actually composed by the bishop’s nephew.
Bought Johnson’s Bookstall, Durham, 16 November 1946.
Formerly Phillipps MS 14076.
Add.MS. 192   1777
“Statuta et ordinationes Ecclesiae Cathedralis Christi et Beati Mariae Virginis Dunelmensis”, Iohn Lambert scrip. & del.
With title page vignette of Durham Cathedral, head and tail pieces, and decorated letters.
Size: 24 x 19 cm.
Presented by Mrs Sclater-Booth for Colonel Rowland Burdon, December 1946.
Add.MSS. 193.-194
Presented by Basil Anderton Esq., who had been instrumental in having the transcripts made, 14 August 1947.
Add.MS. 193   1911
Typescript copies of letters from Captain Cuthbert Collingwood (1st Baron), to Dr Carlyle and Mrs Carlyle of Inveresk, 1792 – 1805, with supplementary documents to 1840and plans of the Battle of St Vincent.
With introduction and notes by John Oxberry.
Size: 26 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 194   1913
Typescript copy of journal kept by Admiral Lord Collingwood (1st Baron) in the Mediterranean, December 1807 – January 1810.
Copied, by permission, from the original in the possession of Mr Alfred Brewis, Granville Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Portrait of Collingwood and Letter of Brewis inserted.
Size: 26 x 19 cm.
Add.MS. 195   1745
“Elementa logicae tam veteris quam novae in usum juventutis academicae. Opera Tho: Johnson A:M: Coll: Mag: Cantab: Soc. MDCCXLV”.(manuscript)
(Thomas Johnson of Magdalene College, Cambridge.)
Size: 20 x 15 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark M.VI.49), 1950.
Add.MS. 196   1679-80
“Physica a R.P. Francisco Sandero tradita excipiente me Thoma Durham A n no D omi ni 1679 & 1680”(manuscript).
Dictates by the Francis Sanders (1648-1710, Vice-President of the Jesuit house of studies at Liège), written down by Thomas Durham, vere Collingwood (1651-1725).
Bookplate of J.T. Brockett.
Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark L.V.32), 1950.
Add.MS. 197   1678
“Logica a R.P. Franc. Sandero tradita.”(manuscript).
Dictates by the Francis Sanders (1648-1710, Vice-President of the Jesuit house of studies at Liège), written down by Thomas Durham, vere Collingwood (1651-1725), along with “Brevis inspectio in doctrinam Cartesij non’ullorumq. atomistarum”.
Bookplate of J.T. Brockett.
Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark L.V.31), 1950.
Add.MS. 198   1680-94
“Metaphysica”, (1680-81) with “Ex tract’ Vo sive ultimo et M[eta]phys[i]co R.P. Fr. Gul[iel]mi”[ 1694?]prefixed and “Tractat us de Physiognomia humana”1681appended. (Manuscript).
Dictates by the Francis Sanders (1648-1710, Vice-President of the Jesuit house of studies at Liège), written down by Thomas Durham, vere Collingwood (1651-1725) and extract copied by him from tractates of Francis Williams (died at Liège 1681).
Bookplate of J.T. Brockett.
Size: 16 x 10 cm.
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence, (old pressmark L.V.33), 1950.
Add.MS. 199   1904
Durham University: earlier foundations and present colleges, by Joseph Thomas Fowler (College histories: London, 1904).
Author’s interleaved copy, with many of his ms. notes.
Size: 18 cm.
Bequeathed by the author.
Relocated from Library’s printed collections (old pressmark 39C16), 1950.

Add.MSS 200 – 349

Add.MS. 200   1834
The Bishoprick garland
A miscellany of Durham poems and notes, some printed but most in the hand of Sir Cuthbert Sharp, with a few additions by Robert Surtees.
The first edition of this miscellany, collected and edited by Sir Cuthbert Sharp, was published under the title The Bishoprick garlandin 1834. It does not include many of the items contained in this volume, and the text of items which are included frequently diverges from that found here. Some of the additional items found here were not printed for reasons of decorum or because they had a tenuous connection with the Palatinate, others were intended to be included in a second edition.
Size: 23 x 14 cm.
Presented to Dr Henry Gee, Master of University College, Durham, by J.G. Wilson in 1915, and purchased by the University Library in 1939.
Add.MS. 201   c.1880
The Psalms, translated by John Low Low, with other poetical passages from the Old Testament. Author’s manuscript.
314f. and 19 loose inserts.
Size: 23 x 14 cm.
Presented by Andrew Low, early 20th century: re-located from Library (old classmark 33.D.4a), 1950.
Add.MS. 202
Relocated to DCG 7/1, October 2012.
Add.MS. 203
Relocated to DCG 2/1, October 2012.
Add.MS. 204   7 October 1836
Letter from John Banks Jenkinson, Bishop of St Davids (signed J.B. St Davids) at Abergwili, to Dr C.J. Bloomfield Bishop of London, on the University of Durham.
Size: 22 x 18 cm.
Bound with the next item (205).
In library before 1930. Transferred from Old University MSS sequence (pressmark H. iii. 23.
Add.MS. 205   29 August [1837 ?]
Letter from Edward Maltby, Bishop of Durham, signed E. Dunelm, at Auckland Castle, to Lord John Russell on the lodgement of judges at Durham Castle.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Bound with previous item (204).
Add.MS. 206   29 July 1875 – 1 March 1892
Guardbook of 156 letters from Edward Augustus Freeman, at Wells, etc., mostly to Joseph Thomas Fowler, with other material including 10 photographs and 4 sketches of churches and portraits.
363f., including both numbering sequences.
Size: 21 x 15 cm.
Presented by Canon J.T. Fowler.
Formerly numbered 206-276, 631-730 (each letter having been given a separate accession number)
Add.MSS. [207-276]
Numbers not now in use: formerly used as accession numbers for individual letters within Add.MS. 206.
Add.MSS. 277-278   1863-1864
Letter and carte-de-visite from Edward Bradley
4f., 1.
Bought from Myers, 7s. 6d., July 1951.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MS. 279   1883-4
Book of autographs of members of the Durham County Assizes Grand Jury, with portraits and miscellaneous photographs, collected by Alfred Backhouse, Sheriff of Durham (with Sheriff’s badge inset in cover).
Size: 31 x 25 cm.
Bought Symington, £1. 1s., 13 October 1944.
Add.MS. 280
Copies (made in 1880’s ?) of Royalist composition papers, 1642-51, relating to the family of Lilburne during the Civil Wars in England, mainly concerning George Lilburne of Sunderland.
With engravings of Col. Robert Lilburne and Lt-Col. John Lilburne.
From the original papers in the PRO.
Bound volume of transcripts of 60 documents, and 4 engravings.
[1], 191, [4]f.
Size: 31 x 21 cm.
Presented by Sir Charles Harding Firth, June 1909.
Add.MS. 281   1804-1883
Volume of correspondence, notes, drawings, offprints and cuttings on antiquarian and archaeological topics, chiefly relating to the Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods, with spine title “Select Antiquarian Tracts & Autographs”.
Contains 83 items, approximately half of which are manuscript and half printed. Manuscript contents list at front of volume
Bookplate of Frederick Hendriks FSS, FLA, Knight of Vasa, 1893.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Presented by E.B. Birley, 1951.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. [282-315]
Numbers not now in use: formerly used as accession numbers for individual ms items within Add.MS. 281.
Add.MS. 316   1792
Extracts from the Art of poetryof Aristotle, with observations upon it, translated from the original Italian of Abbate Pietro Metastasio … by John Dixon.
With ms. note: “Mr [William] Mason intended to have written notes but did not find time … To the end of the first chapter is in the hand writing of Mr Mason”; and “Bought at the sale of Canon Dixon’s library, 1854.”
Size: 20 x 17 cm.
Bound with next item (317).
Relocated from Old University MSS sequence (former pressmark Theta.vi.20.
Add.MS. 317   c.1792
Letters on music, by Pietro Antonio Domenico Bonaventura Metastasio, translated by Dr William Burgh, from an unidentified printed edition.
Size: 20 x 17 cm.
Bound with previous item (316).
Add.MS. 318   1809-27
Scrap book miscellany compiled by John William Smith of Barnard Castle.
Engraved portraits, mainly English and French subjects, some views of places, sketches, notes on Durham antiquities, with drawings, notes on scientific experiments, original letters and other documents.
Also contains 34 tithe receipts, Tanfield parish, 1654-1722.
Owner’s name, place and date 1809 on cover. Some notes initialled J.W.S., others in different hands.
Size: 32 x 20 cm.
Bought from Boddy, £4. 4s., 1951.
Add.MS. 319
“Mem dums as to practice in the Courts of Gaol Delivery and Sessions of the Peace at Durham. Process for outlawry.”.
A legal precedent book, the precedents from Charles II to George III, entered from opposite ends of the book in different hands, one half apparently written c. 1700, the other c. 1800.
vii, 218f.
Size: 16 x 9 cm.
Bought from Wilson, 42s., c.1951.
Add.MS. 320   c.1837
“On the practicability of bringing an uncivilized and rapidly wasting aboriginal population into a state of security, civilization & progressive improvement. Respectfully submitted to Chas Buller Esqr M.P.”, by Thomas Hodgkin, M.D.
Manuscript bound with printed evidence of Hodgkin and S. Bamnister before the Select Committee on Aborigines, British Settlements, 1837.
Size: 33 x 20 cm.
Presented by W. Waples Esq. 1949.
Add.MS. [321.]   11 February 1857
Letter from Thomas Baker, at Whitburn, to the Rev d. the Librarian, Durham University, about experiments in making straw paper, with gift of M. Koops Historical account of the substances which have been used to describe events …(1801).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Tipped in at front of book (location: SC 01641).
[Add.MS. 322.]
Relocated as Thomas Wright MS. 17, September 2003.
Add.MS. 323   26 February 1945
Letter from Mrs M.D. Darwin (née Wharton), at London, to H.W. Acomb, Durham University Librarian, about the Wharton family papers presented by her to the Library.
Size: 20 x 12 cm.
In copy of The Whartons of Wharton Hall, by E.R. Wharton, presented by Mrs Darwin in 1945 (location: XL929.2).
Add.MSS. 324.-328
Purchased from I.K. Fletcher, 17 March 1952, £65. Previously owned by W.H. Cumming and Sir Leicester Harmsworth. Bought by Fletcher, Sotheby’s, October 1945, lot 1971, £30.
Add.MS. 324   1617
“Sanctus Cuthbertus puer – postea Lindisfarnensis episcopus – a levitate lusuum per trimum puerulum mirabiliter convers us. A Minore Congregatione Academica Beatae Mariae Virginis datus in Theatrum illustri d omin i comiti Davidi Brembato, cum iterum Marianus Praefectus esse iuberetur.”, (Ingolstady [Ingolstadt]).
Manuscript, with music.
[ii, 42, iii]f.
Size: 20 x 15 cm.
Add.MSS. 325.-328   1945
4 letters regarding the St Cuthbert play from Ingolstadt.
2 from H. Chadwick S.J., 4 November 1945and 7 November 1945, at Stonyhurst College.
1 from Leo Hicks, London, 31 October 1945.
1 (typed) from W Kane, S.J. 22 November 1945, from Loyola University, Chicago.
1f. each.
Size: 23 x 16 cm.
Add.MS. 329   c.1630
“Reports in the Star-Chamber from I o to III o Car. I”.
[ii], 220, [vi] pages.
Size: 30 x 21 cm.
Presented by Miss Alice Edleston of Gainford, 24 April 1952.
Previously owned by John A. Stewart, 1809, [then Richard Heber (d.1833); his sale, Evans, 10-19 February 1836, lot 1481; then Sir Thomas Phillipps (Phillipps MS. 8342), sold 1895, lot 1057, to Reya (£1 10s) (ex info Sir John Baker)]. Formerly numbered MS 346.458.
Another copy: Mickleton & Spearman MS 65.
Add.MSS. 330-331
Bought with and inserted in W. Allingham’s The music master(1855), 1952.
Add.MS. 330   26 March 1908
Letter from Arthur Hughes to Mr Brown agreeing to sign his illustrations to W. Allingham’s The music master.
Size: 15 x 10 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 08739).
Add.MS. 331   4 November [1855]
Letter from William Allingham (signed W.A.), at New Ross, to Arthur Hughes about the arrangement of The music master.
Size: 12 x 9 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 08739).
Add.MS. 332   29 August 1915
Letter from Sir Arthur Wing Pinero, at London, to Mr Waters, with a copy of The big drum, 1915.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 09647).
Bought with book.
Add.MS. 333   1950
“The essence of mysticism, set forth in rhythmic sentences, by a disciple of Thomas a Kempis”, Herbert Pentin.
The author’s typewritten copy with an autograph account of his career.
iv, 104f.
Size: 26 x 20 cm.
Presented by author (M.A. Dunelm.), 5 September 1950.
Add.MSS. [334.-336.]
Durham University Union Society committee meeting books, 1902-1918: now transferred to UND/GE1/AC1-2, University of Durham Societies Records.
Add.MS. 337   1843
Letter from John Ruskin at London, to Revd. Walter L. Brown, [Ruskin’s tutor] postmarked 1843.
Apparently lacks beginning.
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Via Brown’s youngest daughter, Miss Caroline M. Brown, to her cousin Revd. G.C. May, who presented it to the library, 1935.
Add.MSS. 338 – 339
Previously owned by Miss E. Morse. Bought Sotheby’s, 10-11 March 1952, lot 191, £3.
Add.MS. 338   [1877]
“Sir Walter Scott: Preliminary memoir”, by William Bell Scott.
Author’s manuscript: apparently the introduction to an edition of Sir Walter Scott’s poems, 1877.
Size: 20 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 339
A Scottish kirk session book of Dailly, Ayrshire, 1691, copied out by William Bell Scott.
[1], 22, [i]f.
Size: 21 x 17 cm.
Add.MS. [340]
Returned to Bishop Cosin’s Library as Cosin MS. B.I.27(i).
Add.MS. 341   8 September 1852
Letter from Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. at Middle Hill, to Dr M.J. Routh.
2 corners torn off with a few words.
Size: 21 x 11 cm.
Found in Routh III.E.15.
Add.MS. 342   20 June [1850]
Letter from William Sidney Gibson at Newcastle, to Revd. Joseph Stevenson asking for help in researches into the life of Richard de Bury.
Size: 25 x 21 cm.
Found in a book [?]
Add.MS. 343   1817
“A catalogue of the manuscripts constituting the collections known under the name of the Mickleton and Spearman MSS. Presented by Wasey to Shute [Barrington] lord Bishop of Durham; and by him presented in … 1817 to the library founded by Bishop Cosin at Durham”, by Sir Henry Ellis.
[iv], 111, [iii]f.
Size: 25 x 20 cm.
Presented by Mr Kenneth Povey of Liverpool University (bought Graftons, £3. 3s.)
Add.MS. 344   28 September 1887
Letter from Edward Lear at Sanremo, to Miss Campbell, on the misery he has been enduring from the heat and food of Italy.
Size: 21 x 13 cm.
Found in copy of Journals of a landscape painter in Southern Calabria(1852), bought 1952.
Add.MS. 345   1817-1826
“Poems”, by Michael Alexander Lowry (Kilmashogue).
Author’s manuscript.
Title-page and dedication are dated 1817, but individual poems have dates from 1813 to 1826.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought from Herrick, c.1949.
Add.MS. 346   27 March 1777
Letter from George Allan at Darlington to William Hutchinson, discussing his and others’ etchings and drawings, and also antiquarian topics.
Size: 33 x 19 cm.
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 25s., 20 February 1953.
Add.MSS. [347.-348.]
Acquired with copy of Napoleon III, by P. Henrichs (1857), presented by Miss Edleston of Gainford, 1953.
Add.MS. [347.]   27 September [184?]
Letter from J. Mitchell, at London, in the third person to _ Sainsbury proposing that the Prince Louis Napoleon and the Count d’Orsay should visit Sainsbury’s Napoleon collection.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with the book (location: SC 10562)
Add.MS. [348.]   25 février [184?]
Autograph letter from Napoleon III at 1 Carlton Gardens London, in the third person, to _ Sainsbury, proposing to call and see his Napoleon collection.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with the book (location: SC 10562)
Add.MS. [349.]   28 June 1881
Letter from Octavius Pickard-Cambridge at Blandford presenting his Spiders of Dorset(1879-81) to the University Library, Durham.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC 00683).
Bound with presented copy of book.

Add.MSS 350 – 539

Add.MSS. 350-418
Bought from Myers, Autumn 1953, £10. 10s.
Add.MSS. 350-399   5 June 1860 – 26 December 1861
45 Letter from Joseph Bonomi, enclosing two further letters by Miss I.M. Martin (not included in numbering sequence (?).
41 are to J. Lee, and one each to Mrs Lee, W. Camps, Dr Pratt and the Council of the Syro-Egyptian Society.
With miscellaneous notes by or about Bonomi, (5 items) apparently attached to the letters.
95f., 6f.
Size: Various sizes.
Add.MSS. 400-412   25 March 1862 – 2 June 1865
13 copies of letters to Admiral William Henry Smyth, made for J. Lee: from C. Ker, C.L. Prince (3), Revd. W. Monkhouse, G. Chambers, Sir R.I. Murchison, A.K. Barclay, the editor of the Intellectual Observer, Dr T.R. Robinson, B.A. Gould, G. Knott, S.B. Kincaid.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.

Add.MSS. 413-418   1803 – 64

Add.MS. 413   2 June 1803
Letter from Boulton, Watt & Co. to R. Potter.
Size: 26 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 414   7 November 1843
Letter from A. Sidgwick at Cambridge to (?).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 415   22 November 1847
Letter from Sir David Brewster at St Andrews to John Lee.
Size: 19 x 12 cm
Add.MS. 416   Undated
Copy of letter from Lady Margaret Maria Brewster (afterwards Mrs Gordon) at St Andrews to Mrs John Lee.
Size: 22 x 18 cm
Add.MS. 417   23 February 1853
Letter from Sir William Crookes at Oxford, to _ Spiller.
Size: 19 x 11 cm
Add.MS. 418   9 July 1864
Letter from William Henry McAlpine at London to J. Lee.
Size: 18 x 11 cm
Add.MS. 419   10 June 1784
Letter from William Van Mildert, at Bradden, to Samuel Mendez da Costa, reporting on the progress of his Oxford studies, particularly on fossils and natural history, and sending news of fellows and others at Oxford to whom Menendez da Costa had given him recommendatory letters.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 25s., 18 December 1953.
Add.MSS. 420-429   5 August 1882
Manuscript pieces by Peter Pindar (pseudonym of John Wolcot [1738-1819]), including folders of “Poems & Hymns for Young Folks”, “Tales & Fables”, “Madrigals”, “Sacred Poems by Dr Wolcot”, “Anacreontics”, “New and Old Ballads Composed for Queen Elizabeth”.
3 boxes
Bought from G.F. Sims.
See separate catalogue
Add.MS. 430   5 August 1882
Letter from Sir Henry Taylor at Bournemouth to Miss Kate Perry discussing books (Shelley references).
Date may be read as 9th May. Recipients name supplied in pencil.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 21s., 26 January 1954.
Add.MS. 431   9 November 1637
Copy of a letter from John Cosin at Cambridge to Joseph Mead (here spelt Mede) relating to his discourse Churches, that is, appropriate places for Christian worship(published 1638 ).
Copy apparently made in 1672 or 1677.
Size: 19 x 14 cm.
Bought from John Grant, 10s., June 1952.
Printed: Durham Philobiblon, v.1, pt.9.
Add.MSS. 432-438   29 November 1911 – 26 November 1915
Seven Letter from Henry James, at London or Rye to Mrs Howes, wife of the vicar of Rye (two undated).
Size: 23 x 20 cm, etc.
Presented by G. Fawcus Esq., 2 February 1954.
Add.MS. 439   1680
“An account of the national affaires frome June the first one thousand six hundred and eighty, shewing whatsoever hapened considerable in that time … [by] Gabriel Hasting. Aetatis meae An: 19. E Collegio Universitatis, 1680”. With, appended (f.9), “The speech of James ye 2d to his first parliament”.
Author’s autograph.
[ii], 9, [ii]f.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Presented by Miss Alice Edleston of Gainford, Summer 1953.
Inscribed: “E libris Gabrielis Hastings è Coll. Vniversitatis, June 2 1680 pretium 1s 4d
James Bate of Ashby.
E libr. J: Bate e Coll: Jes: apud Cant. AB:1697.”
Bookplate of Revd. Joseph Edleston M.A. LL.D., Gainford Vicarage, Trin. Coll. Camb.
Add.MS. 440   29 March 1892
Letter from Walter Hamilton at London to Mr Day of Cork about a projected book on French Ex-libris.
Size: 21 x 13 cm.
Found in copy of Hamilton’s Dated bookplatesgiven by Miss Edleston, 1952.
Add.MS. 441   3 December 1901
Letter from William James Dawson at London to Sir John Martin Harvey introducing his play Savonarola.
Size: 20 x 13 cm.
Bought with copy of Savonarola.
Add.MS. 442   23 December 1858
Letter from Sir Richard Owen at London to Sir John Forbes M.D. on the gorilla, with acknowledgment of help given in a translation from the Periplusby the Bishop [Edward Maltby ?].
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Found in Maltby 112.E.17-18.
Add.MS. [443.]   2 November 1835
Letter from John Taylor of Mold to W. Wharton of Dryburn, Durham.
Written on a printed monthly report on Cornish engines by T. Lean.
Size: 43 x 56 cm.
Bound with book (location: SC+ 00127).
Bound into Thomas Tredgold, The steam engine(1827).
Add.MS. 444   Undated [July 1861]
Letter from Ford Madox Brown at London to C.P. Boyce, referring to a largish water colour just finished and to a visit from W.B. Scott.
Annotated on verso “rec[eived] July 3/61”
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bought from Blackwell, 10s. 6d.
Add.MS. 445   Undated
Geological notes with coloured sections of strata, by Joseph Barber Lightfoot.
Size: 27 x 21 cm.
Found in Bishop Lightfoot’s copy of Sir C. Lyell Principles of Geology(1853).
Add.MS. 446   [1915]
Letter from Jane Ellen Harrison at Cambridge to J.D. Duff with a present of her Russia and the Russian verb(1915).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Acquired with copy of the book presented by Mrs J.D. Duff, September 1950.

Add.MS. 447   27 November 14 Henry VIII [1522]

(1) Thomas Darneton, Abbot of Eggleston
Christopher Fulthrope
Ralph Menwell
(2) Thomas Baker and others.

Composition between (1) and (2) regarding the division of land at Startforth.
Remains of three seals.
Parchment.   1m.
Size: 42 x 65 cm.
Bought from B. Halliday (Cat. 265, item 211), £3, 7 May 1952.

Add.MS. 448   c. 1800?
The famous history of Sir Thomas Wyat. With the coronation of Queen Mary, and the coming in of King Philip … Written by Thomas Dickers [Dekker] and John Webster. London, printed by E.A. for Thomas Archer … 1607.
Copied (in manuscript) from the Bodleian copy by A. Dyce and S. Reay.
With a ms. note by M.J. Routh, to whom this once belonged.
Size: 25 x 20 cm.
Bought from The Bookshop, Cirencester, 27s., 29 March 1954.
Add.MSS. 449-452
Purchased temp. Canon Fowler, who added thumb-index tabs.
Phillipps MSS 20110 and 20873.
Add.MS. 449   1777
“Memdm. of translation and temporal acts of John [Egerton] Lord Bp of Durham beging. 20 Augt. 1771 [to 2 October 1777] (before Geo. Brooks noty. publk.)”(manuscript).
Size: 20 x 17 cm.
Add.MS. 450   1676 – 1818
Letters to Bishop Shute Barrington or his agent Richard Burn, with draft replies, mainly of 1817-18, with expenses of translation to Durham, printed confirmation, visitation and other forms, 3 precedents of earlier bishops, etc.
109 items. 173f.
Size: 23 x 17 cm. and less.
Bound with 449.
Add.MS. 451   1776
Letters to Bishop Robert Lowth, mainly from Edward Pearson.
17 items. 35f.
Size: 23 x 17 cm and less.
Bound with 449.
Add.MS. 452   1764 – 1816
Correspondence of Bishop Shute Barrington with Richard Burn and others, about patents, and with two accounts of Bishop Lowth’s.
15 items. 23f.
Size: 26 x 20 cm or less.
Bound with 449.
Add.MS. 453   c. 1680
“A discourse in defence of the King’s right to dispense with the stattutes called the teste viz the 25th and 30th Carl 2d, by one whose profession is the law and whose communion is according to the Church of England.”(manuscript, written about 1680, defending the right of James II to dispense with the Test Acts).
[iv, 12, xii]f.
Size: 30 x 19 cm.
Binding: Half bound in morocco (20th century).
ff.9-12 nibbled by mice.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953, who had bought it from Colbeck Radford & Co Ltd, Bruton St, London, who had bought it from Sotheby’s, July 1930.
Add.MS. 454   c.1765
“List of temporal chancellors of the Co. Palat. of Durham [to 1770] … of spiritual chancellors [to 1759] … attorney generalls … solicitor generals [to 1753] … officers of the several courts … for … 1760 … sheriffs [to 1747].”
Manuscript, written on the blank backs of broadsides and similar local documents, the printed sides of which have been pasted together.
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MS. 455   1706
“York four days stage-coach begins on Friday the 12th of April 1706 … performed by Benjamin Kingman, Henry Harrison, Walter Baynes …”[advertisement for new stage-coach service, annotated with receipt to Mr Badingfold for a place booked for 3 June 1706].
Size: 25 x 18 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MS. 456   c. 1680
“… Sr. Philip Musgrave of Hartley Castle in ye county of Westmoorland Baronett … a short plain and true narrative …”, by Gilbert Burton, Edenhall.
Manuscript: Edited and published by Samuel Jefferson, under the title The Life of Sir Philip Musgrave(Carlisle, 1840.
Flyleaf inscription “Jos. Musgrave e Coll. Oriel 1749”
[iii, 82, vi]f., f.4 and 5 transposed.
Size: 17 x 11 cm.
Binding: 19th century gold-tooled red goatskin, by Hering of Newman St [London], imitating 17th century style and with Musgrave armorial stamp and motto “Sans changer” on both covers.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953, who had bought it from Bernard Holliday, Leicester, June 1927, who had bought it in London a few weeks earlier.
Add.MS. 457   8 February 1891- 20 November 1905
Twenty-nine letters from Joseph Thomas Fowler at Durham to C.C. Hodges.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MS. 458   8 August 1879
Letter from William Greenwell at York[?], to W.H.D. Longstaffe.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953.
Add.MSS. 459-460
“The Journall of the proceedings of the House of Commons”, November 9th to 19th 1685.
With typewritten transcript of above manuscript, Durham, 1927[?]
Ts: 30f.
Size: 26 x 19 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953. Bought by him from James Wilson, Birmingham, 1927.
Previously owned by G. Sacheverell of Barton, Notts., and Sir Robert Wilmot, of Osmaston, Derbyshire.
Add.MS. 461   c.1689
“A collection of the principal proceedings in the Convenc io n of the Lords and Commons which made the Prince of Orange King”(manuscript).
[iv, 250, viii]f.
Size: 31 x 19 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953. Bought by him from T.Thorp, Guildford, August 1931.
Add.MS. 462   c.1685
“A kalender of ye iournalls of ye House of Peers begns. in May 1660 … endg. in Iune 1685… wth. an acct. of ye appeals & writs of error wn. brought in & iudged” (manuscript).
With an alphabetical index, lacking A.
Size: 38 x 26 cm.
Bequeathed by Professor C.E. Whiting, 1953. Bought by him from P.J. and A.E. Dobell, June 1927, £1. 10s.
Formerly Phillipps MS 22895.
Add.MSS. [463-466]
Acquired 31 August 1940, bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761, etc.
Bookplate of Richard Lawrence Pemberton.
Add.MSS. [463-464]   11 and 12 June 1790
Two letters on a forthcoming Parliamentary election in Durham county from Rowland Burdon at Castle Eden, not in his hand but the first signed by him, to John Taylor at Durham.
Size: 24 x 19 cm.
Bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761 (location: XL324DUR)
Add.MS. [465.]   30 September 1812
Letter from William Taylor of St Helen’s Auckland, to Lady Milbanke on her husband’s candidature for Durham County in a parliamentary election.
Seal attached.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761 (location: XL324DUR)
Add.MS. 466   31 [sic] June 1801
Letter from Sir Ralph Milbanke at Seaham to William Taylor of Bishop Middleham.
Size: 22 x 18 cm.
Bound with Durham County Poll Book, 1761 (location: XL324DUR)
Add.MSS. 467-468
Acquired with copy of Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols, (1874) by R.C. Nichols, presented by Miss Alice Edelston, 1953.
Add.MS. [467.]   19 March 1875
Letter from Mrs [Lucy] John Gough Nichols at London to T.F. Dillon Croker, offering him a copy of Memoir of the late John Gough Nichols.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Bound with the presentation copy of the book (location: SC 10240)
Add.MS. 468   12 April and 13 December 1861
Two Letter from John Gough Nichols at London to Dillon Croker.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Bound with the presentation copy of the book (location: SC 10240)
Add.MSS. 469-470
Bought from Alick Fletcher, catalogue 71 item 842, November 1954, £5. 5s.
Add.MS. 469   1861
Military description of the south-east part of England, by Major-General William Roy, 1765.
A handwritten copy prepared, according to accompanying letter, by W.F.D. Jervois for Lord Palmerston in 1861.
Size: 33 x 20 cm.
Add.MS. 470   17 October 1861
Letter from William F. Drummond Jervois at the War Office to Lord Palmerston enclosing the above item, (469).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 471-472   1928 – 1935
Letter (Add.MS 471/1) from Gordon Bottomley at Silverdale to Penelope Wheeler, dated 3 November 1931, referring to the death of Charles Ricketts.
Autograph note (AddMS 471/2) from Gordon Bottomley at Silverdale to Penelope and Christopher Wheeler, dated Christmas 1933 , originally with a Christmas present from Emily and Gordon Bottomley.
With these are a signed photograph to the same, Christmas 1928 (Add.MS 472/1), another signed photograph, 1935 (Add.MS 472/2), and a signed syllabus to the same, of the Oxford Recitations (Add.MS 472/3).
Size: 19 x 11 cm.
Bought from C. and I.K. Fletcher, catalogue 91 item 19, Autumn 1954, £4. 14s. 6d.
Add.MSS. 473-474   1865-1866
Letter, and poem “The Kingfisher”, by Edward Bradley (Cuthbert Bede).
Bought from C and I.K. Fletcher, list 91, item 21, £1. 5s., October 1954.
See separate Edward Bradley catalogue
Add.MSS. [475-476.]
Purchased as part of collection (largely printed) with binding title Rare tracts, antiquarian, topographical, etc. collected by G.C. Greenwell.
Add.MS. [475.]    c.1700 ?
Notes upon coal, by John Ker, 1st Duke of Roxburgh (attributed in ms. to “Earl of Roxborough”.
Size: 20 x 15 cm.
Bound in Rare tracts … collected by G.C. Greenwell, vol.2, 3rd item (location: XLL942.8GRE)
Add.MS. [476.]    1852
“A survey of the Maiden Way from … Birdoswald Station northward to the Scottish Border …”(manuscript), John Maughan, Bewcastle.
Size: 25 x 20 cm.
Bound in Rare tracts … collected by G.C. Greenwell, vol.2, 9th item (location: XLL942.8GRE)
Add.MS. 477   29 April 1640
Indenture of sale of lands at Hurworth by Ralph and Barbara Booth to Richard Baddeley of Durham, before Gab. Clarke and M. Bullock.
Seal and signature of R. Baddeley.
Parchment.   1m.
Size: 49 x 60 cm.
Presented by S.M. Stobbs, 61 Whinney Hill, Durham, 12 September 1955.
Add.MSS. [478-479.]
Numbers not used.
Add.MS. 480   1875
Durham University examinations.:
B.A. Examination, December 1875.
Analytical Geometry, June 1875.
Mechanics, December 1875.
Spherical Trigonometry and Astronomy.
Size: 22 x 14 cm.
Bound in Examination papers … 1874-5-6(location: XL053.78)
Bound in volume of printed papers with title-page Examination papers set to students in Arts 1874-5-6and inscription of R.J. Pearce, Jan.15.77, presented by Secretary, 1958 .
Add.MS. 481   1771
“An account of the money subscribed for the relief of poor sufferers in the parish of Gateshead in the late inundation … 1771.”.
Size: 19 x 13 cm.
Bound with Narrative of the great flood in the … Tyne(1772) and other printed items on the same subject (location: XL942.8TYN).
Presented by Miss Edleston, 1954.
Add.MS. 482   15th century
Language:   Latin
Breviloquiumof Bonaventura, defective at the beginning and the end, etc. Distelbrink, no. 1. Text missed through the loss of leaves: one before f.1, containing ed. A.M. a Vicetia (Freiburg im Bresigau, 1881) pp. 1-6/6 (the opening of the preface); one after f. 19, ibid. 167/1-176/4 (II, 11-12); two after f. 65, ibid. 633/up6-642/19 (VII, 5-60); and one after f. 67, ibid. 652/14 seq. (VII, 7). Chapter list to the seven parts follows the preface, f.5-6.
ff.1-67v: sunt quinque. Secundi .x. Tercij .v que. Et quarti … … delectaciones in rebus delectabilibus qualis.
Corrections by deletion in red, e.g. f.28v, 44v.
A marginal note, s.xv, f.26v. Many small + marks in margins, a few, e.g. f.10v and 57, in red. Notes in pencil, s. xviii (?) refer to “Aristot”, f.20, 39.
Written in north-western Continental Europe.
Secundo folio lost.
Also described in Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, II, 521.
Size: 67ff. Membrane (0.18mm.; some natural edges, holes (three in f.33, the two in the written space circled in red), quires with hair side outwards), 201 x 142mm., all leaves cockled through the effect of damp; brownish yellow staining in most lower margins, outer quarter of f.1 and lower outer corner of f.2-5 eaten by vermin with some loss of te x t, lower margin of f.23 and 29 cut away.
Decoration: capitals lined or filled with red; simple paraphs in red. Initials, to chapters and parts, 2-line, plain red.
Script: Written in a squat textura, proficiently with the 3 in the abbreviation for sed barely dropping below the line; perhaps by several hands, most conspicuously changing for f.39 (6 1 ), also on f.33.
Binding: medieval. Sewn on five split white thongs, the upper three broken, drawn through the boards, across the inner face for c. 40mm. in a “VIV” pattern, and pegged in holes through the board; head bands, with white and blue thread, drawn across the outer face of the boards at 45° for 15mm., and similarly pegged; wooden boards with cushion bevelling, almost flush with leaves; square recess cut into front board at the centre of outer edge, with two holes from pins fixing clasp; remains of metal catch in the corresponding position on the edge of the back board; covering of boards and spine gone, leaving traces of glue on the inner face of the boards, including clear marks of the tongues of the corner-mitres inside the back board.
Presented by Miss Edleston, 1953.
Provenance information:
“F”, c. 30mm. high, cut into the centre of the front board. “J” f.6, 61, and “R J H J”, f.67., large thick capitals, s. xvi or xvii (?). “Presented by Alice Edleston of Gainford from her family collection 1953”, on a printed label stuck inside the front board.
Add.MS. 483   4 May 1953
Binding, lettered on spine, “Durham, May 4th 1953”.
Prepared for the opening of St Mary’s College by the Queen Mother, but not presented owing to the cancellation of the ceremony at that time. On the re-arranged date (2 November 1956) the contents (photographs of Durham) were removed and rebound in similar style and duly presented.
The binding, by Douglas Cockerell and Son, is green-gray crushed morocco with a St Cuthbert cross inside a wreath lettered “Durham 4th May 1953” above and “Ancilla Domini” below: on spine “Durham 4th May 1953”. Doublure single gold line; signature stamp inside end cover (the replacement differed in having tiny crosses sparsely semé End papers and slip case of characteristic Cockerell marblings.
Size: 36 x 29 cm.
Cover, and illuminated inscription, was secured for an additional charge of £4 (the main volume costing £38).
Add.MS. 484   4 May 1953
Inscription in red and black on vellum “To her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother who opened the new buildings of St Mary’s College on the 4th of May 1953 these pictures of Durham are offered with gratitude and humble duty by the University of Durham” (written by Joan Tebbutt).
Size: 36 x 28 cm.
As above.
Add.MS. 485   c. 1916
Diary of the First World War, for the period 1914-1916, of Alexander Angus Macfarlane-Grieve (of the Seaforth Highlanders).
[i-ii], 282 pages.
Size: 23 x 17 cm.
Presented by Lieut.-Col. A.A. Macfarlane-Grieve, 20 March 1957.
Add.MSS. 486-510
Presented by the Librarian, Ushaw College, 20 February 1958. Formerly belonging to Edward Arthur White (some compiled by him?).
Add.MS. 486   19th century
Pedigree of Stansfeld of Stansfeld, compiled by John Stansfeld, who acknowledges help from R. Thoresby: lithograph by J.Y. Knight & Co. Leeds, with coloured coat of arms.
No date. With White’s armorial bookplate, on which is a manuscript note by him that the pedigree was given to him by the compiler, John Stansfeld, in 1883.
On linen, dissected and folded in black leather binding.   1 piece.
Size: 66 x 99 cm.
Add.MS. 487   1843?
“The names of the noblemen and gentlemen in the commission of the peace for the county palatine of Durham and Sadberge, tested 24 February 1843.”
Size: 32 x 21 cm.
Add.MS. 488   c.1850?
“A list of the nobility and gentry of Yorkshire, Lancashire and Durham who contributed … to defray the expenses of resisting the Spanish … 1588”.
Size: 14 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 489-510
Pedigrees, quarterings, wills and other transcripts, families of Adamson, Barnes, Bollesdun, Brakenbury, Butterfield, Bysshe, Barnes and Aislaby, Edwards, Greyson of Murton, Heath, Heron, Hoar, Hotham, Milbanke, Pemberton, Read, Shafto.
Compiled by Edward Arthur White, c. 1850.
Size: Various sizes
Add.MS. 511   16 June 1849 – 16 May 1850
Minute book of Durham Architectural Society, with loose insets of the last minutes, letters of apology from Joseph Bonomi and Mr Cory, and a memorandum from W. Sidney Gibson, and also 3 leaves of drawings.
140f., of 14 have been written on, 5f. loose.
Size: 23 x 19 cm.
Found in Lowe Library, Durham Castle.
Add.MS. 512
Relocated to Durham University Records, as UND/F1/D1/2, 12 June 2006.
Add.MS. 513   c. 1780
Book of precedents for the Durham law courts.
Cases from 17th and 18th centuries, in various hands, including that of John Dixon, with an alphabetical index.
Bookplate (armorial) of John Dixon, Durham.
[3 blank], 187f.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Binding: 18th century blind-tooled reversed calf, by Waghorn of Durham.
Bought Steedman, £1. 5s., 30 May 1941. Transferred from printed book accession 60,213.
Add.MS. 514   c. 1837
Lines occasioned by the death of Count Boruwlaski …
Size: 9 x 11 cm.
Bound in volume (location: XL920B7)
Found inserted in copy of Boruwlaski’s Memoirs(Durham, 1820), accession 114,583, acquired from the library of Revd. T. Romans, April 1958.
Add.MS. 515   c.1670
Durham County memorandum book: a miscellany in various 17th century hands, of transcripts of legal documents mostly relating to places in County Durham including Sunderland, Brancepeth, Alnwick, Stockton, Durham, Greatham, Gateshead Moor, Jarrow, Westoe, Barnard Castle, Seaton Carew and Frosterley.
First item is “The Incorporac i on of the Brough of Sunderland … 21 Marcij 1634”.
Also includes recipes concerning the blood and teeth.
Compiled by a member of the Dixon-Johnson family of Aykley Heads.
[5], 357f. Many blank leaves in the old foliation, including one unnumbered between f.109 and f.110.
Size: 19 x 14 cm.
Sold, [15 July 1953 ?] by Edward C. Lowe, Birmingham, for £22. Probably not acquired at this time by the library. Accessioned 1958.
Add.MS. 516   c.1780
Copy of charter of 22 March 1600of Newcastle upon Tyne, Elizabeth Dei Gra. etc, reciting that Newcastle upon Tyne was an ancient town.
3f. last leaf blank.
Size: 29 x 19 cm.
Found in book.
Add.MS. [517]
Returned to Bishop Cosin’s Library as Cosin MS. B.II.18.
Add.MS. [518]
Returned to Bishop Cosin’s Library as Cosin MS. B.II.19.
Add.MS. 519
Third catalogue of books, compiled by Edward Chandler in his own hand, revised with notes and additions, between 1730-38.
Thomas Osborne, the London bookseller, offered Chandler’s library in fixed price sales in 1752 (A.N.L. Munby and L. Coral, British book sale catalogues 1676-1800(1977); Factotum 5 (1979), p.4)
Size: 37 x 23 cm.
Bought from F. Weatherhead, bookseller, 25 April 1952, £5.
Add.MS. [520-525]
Returned to Bishop Cosin’s Library, bound in Cosin MS. B.II.19.
Add.MS. 526   c.1730
Shelflists of his books, compiled by Edward Chandler.
Size: 30 x 19 cm.
Found loose in Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 527   c.1730
List of books purchased by Edward Chandler, with prices and names of auctioneers and booksellers, and two lists of maps.
Size: 23 x 18 cm., etc.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 528   c.1730
“Doctor Hunter’s pamphlets [in the Cathedral Library Durham]”, list apparently written in Bishop Chandler’s hand.
Size: 18 x 15 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 529   c.1730
“Bishop Cosin’s Library”, (i.e. a list of books from it), in Bishop Chandler’s hand.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 530   c.1730
“Duplicates set apart in Bp Cosin’s Library”, in Bishop Chandler’s hand, but not bought by him, at least before the compilation of his own catalogue.
Size: 19 x 15 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 531   c.1730
“Catalogue of popes”, (with notes on authorities,etc.), compiled by Bishop Chandler.
Size: 21 x 16 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 532   c.1730
“P[ope] Joan”, (with authorities for and against), compiled by Bishop Chandler.
Size: 21 x 17 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 533   c.1730
“Sermons”, apparently contents lists of bound up volumes: with papers by Bishop Chandler, but not in his hand.
Size: 30 x 21 cm.
Bought with Add.MS. 519.
Add.MS. 534/1-141
Bowes family papers: letters and documents, concerning the Bowes family of Streatlam, Co. Durham. The contents relate particularly to the 1569 Rising of the Northern Earls. They include lists of the rebels condemned to execution before Sir George Bowes, several drafts of the petition from Sir George to Queen Elizabeth entreating a reward for his services and losses during the rebellion, 3 letters from Sir George as Marshal of Berwick in 1579, household accounts detailing purchases and other expenses, draft of the indenture conveying Streatlam and other lands from Sir William Bowes to his nephew George Bowes 1611, rentals and other papers concerning the conveyance, administration and inheritance of the Bowes estates. Many of the items and the guards on which they are mounted bear notes and markings by Sir Cuthbert Sharp, the Durham antiquary, and there is an index by him on the two final leaves.
Originally 144f. mounted in a guardbook.
Size: 30 x 23 cm., etc.
Binding: Originally half-calf, marbled paper sides, 19th century. Spine blind-tooled, lettered in gold at head “Bowes MSS”, with paper label at foot lettered in ink “12”. Ink no. “A9” crossed out on front board and “vol 12” written above.
No. 12 of a series of volumes of Bowes family papers bound up at the instigation of the Durham antiquary, Sir Cuthbert Sharp, who discovered the papers at Gibside, another Bowes family house in Co. Durham, in 1833, and drew on them extensively for his Memorials of the Rebellion of 1569. A few of the papers in this volume are printed in the Memorials. Most of the series were sold at Sotheby’s on 28 March 1923 with the contents of Streatlam, when the house was given up by the Strathmores (the Bowes-Lyon family, Earls of Strathmore, to whom the Bowes estates had passed). The inclusion of the mss in the sale was apparently unintentional, and many volumes were bought back by the Strathmores, but a number were widely dispersed. This volume was eventually purchased by Durham University Library at Sotheby’s, 22 April 1958, £66. 6s. (with a contribution of £33 from the Friends of the National Libraries). Other volumes are in the British Library and the Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle.
B.L.H. Horn & F.J. Shaw “Bowes bound correspondence and papers”, Archives, XIV, no. 63 (Spring 1980), 134-140 (an account of the mss and their migrations, and a list of the volumes with their then locations).
H.B. McCall, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, XVIII.
Add.MS. 535   1681
Copy of Decree in Chancery concerning the executors of Bishop Cosin: Sir Thomas Orby, John Durell, Miles Stapylton and Thomas Blakiston, at the suit of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Denis Granville and Isaac Basire and their wives, in 1677.
Judgment given, 17 September 1681 at Westminster.
Size: 30 x 18 cm.
Presented by Ushaw College: from the collection of E.A. White.
Add.MS. 536   1665-1668
Darlington Ward rental book of Bishop Cosin, 1665-68:
1665: 28ff.
1666: 26ff.
1667: 26ff.
1668: 30ff.

Size: 32 x 20 cm.
Bought Hodgson’s auction no. 11, 28 July 1954, lot 143, together with a printed book, £4.
Phillipps MS. 18464. Belonged to T.F. Hedley in 1924, and seen by Edward Wooler of Darlington at that date.

Add.MSS. 537-538
“Collection of important original historical documents, MS. papers and letters etc. relating to the counties of Durham and York … 1713-1812”.
Not all original, but some apparently contemporary transcripts. A large number of copies of 1 letter about sheriff of Yorkshire included.
2 volumes. 37f. and 35f.
Size: 34 x 21 cm., etc.
Bought Hodgson’s auction no. 11, 28 July 1954, lot 144, £4. 10s.
Add.MS. 539   1853 – 1866
Diary of J. Theodore West, begun in Leeds (where West was in business as an analytical chemist in Albion Street) 1 January 1853, and continued through his emigration in that year to Australia (where he worked for some time in the goldfields near Bathurst) and his return with his family to England, arriving in March 1862. The diary resumes, after a gap, in January 1866 and continues until October 1866, ending in Darlington
Vol. 1 covers 1853 – 16 October 1858 and (pp. 287-348) 13 December 1861 – October 1866, with a gap from March 1862 – January 1866. At back of volume (pp. 350-364) there are notes of letters written and received.
Vol. 2 begins (pp. 3-14) with a diary kept by West’s wife during his absence on the gold fields, beginning 7 October 1858 and running on for some days. It continues with West’s own diary from 4 November 1858 – 20 November 1861. At back of volume (pp. 185-202) there are accounts of expenditure. Both volumes include drawings and vol. 2 has pressed flowers, presumably from Australia, between pp. 142-143 and 148-149.
2 volumes. (364, 202p.)
Size: 186 x 115, 172 x 123 mm.
Bought from remnant stock of Hildreth, Darlington bookseller, 1957, for 10s.

Add.MSS 540 – 759

Add.MS. 540   17th – 19th century
A list of the knights and burgesses who have represented the county and city of Durham in Parliament[compiled by Sir Cuthbert Sharp], 2nd ed. Sunderland, 1831, heavily extra-illustrated with manuscript and printed items relating to County Durham, 17th – 19th century, including numerous pedigrees and election broadsides.
Bought from Elly, 18 May 1934, Elly having obtained it from the Colepike Hall sale.
See separate catalogue
Add.MSS. [541-566.]
Numbers not in use; (used formerly as accession numbers for individual manuscript items in Add.MS 540).
Add.MSS. 567-569
Bought from I.K. Fletcher, 14 June 1958, £1. 15s.
Add.MS. 567   24 October 1797
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh at Oxford, to Messrs Lackington, Allen & Co., booksellers.
Size: 20 x 16 cm.
Bought 1958.
Add.MS. 568   10 September 1820
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh at Oxford, to W. Ford, bookseller, of Lambeth.
Size: 23 x 18 cm.
Add.MS. 569   25 June 1847
Letter from Martin Joseph Routh at Tylehurst, near Reading, to Revd. Arundel Mildmay, Merton College.
Size: 10 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 570
Relocated to Durham University Records, as UND/CD10/A3, 12 June 2006.
Add.MSS. 571-576
Bought from Francis Edwards, 1959, £10. 3s.
Formerly in the possession of two of Hutchinson’s grandchildren, Marshall Hutchinson and Tempest Camps (who makes the ascription to Hutchinson).
Add.MS. 571   1788
Baleazar King of Tyre, a tragedy.(manuscript five act play in verse)
Attributed in manuscript to William Hutchinson by the author’s granddaughter, 1859.
Spine title: MSS Vol. 2
[viii], 153, [iii]p.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 572   1787
The tears of Bellville vale, a poem, in seven parts.(manuscript)
Attributed in manuscript to William Hutchinson by the author’s granddaughter, 1859.
Spine title: MSS Vol. 1
[x], 314, [vii]p.
Size: 19 x 12 cm.
Add.MSS. 573-576
Honourable love, in a series of letters from persons in real life.(manuscript)
By [William Hutchinson].
In 5 volumes (vol. 4 missing).
Size: 20 x 14 cm.
Add.MS. 577
“A trew copie ffound in the lord Conyers studie of the names of certaine Knights that dwelt within the Bishoprick of Durham … A.D. 1264.”
With Consecration of the Bishops of Durham; Genealogies of northern families, including Nevill, Lumley, Hansard, Bulmer, Madison, Burton, Bellasis, Tailbois, Conyers, Barnes, etc. all written about 1625, with some later notes on rents, about 1728.
Size: 31 x 20 cm.
Bought from J. Burke, bookseller, London N4, 19 June 1959, £9. 9s.
Add.MSS. 578-579   c. 1910
Manuscript pedigrees of the descendants of William Chambers of Monkwearmouth Hall (b. 1647, with two family seals, and of Chambers of Cleadon …, compiled by Bertram Mordaunt Chambers (b. 1866).
Size: 33 x 41 cm.
Bound with Northern notes(1906) (location: SC 12349).
Bound in an odd volume of Northern Notes and Queries(accession no 121,953), bought from Steedman, 11 March 1959.
Add.MS. 580   1909
“Outline of a scheme for instruction of working men and country lads of 17 or 18 years of age and upwards at Durham University”, typescript, by John Percival, Bishop of Hereford.
Size: 33 x 20 cm.
Presented by Sir James Duff, 7 September 1960.
Add.MSS. 581-615
Bought from E. Hall, 1959, £3. 15s., with Add.MSS 617-620.
Add.MS. 581   7 February 1868
Letter from Charles Baring, Bishop of Durham at Auckland Castle, asking someone to read prayers.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 582   27 March 1793
Letter from Shute Barrington, Bishop of Durham, signed S. Dunelm, at Mongewell.
Endorsed “Wallingford Oxon” in pencil.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 583   1 October 1895
Letter from George Body at The College, Durham, to Miss Aston on the death of David Bate.
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MSS. 584-585   18 September 1871 and 2 April 1872
2 Letter from Thomas Cooper (the Chartist) at Newcastle upon Tyne and Durham, to S. Sharp on the Moabite stone.
Size: 18 x 12 cm.
Add.MS. 586   16 February 1828
Letter from John Forsyth at Durham to Messrs Pigeon & Son, spirit merchants.
Size: 22 x 18 cm.
Add.MSS. 587-589   1863 -1869
3 Letter from William Greenwell at Durham to W. Cunningham and Mr Whincote, on collecting stone and bronze objects (dated 10 July 1863, 19 January 1869 and 18 December 1869).
Size: 18 x 11 cm.
Add.MS. 590   Endorsed 17 March 1826
Letter from Henry George Grey, signed “Howick” to H. Smales, Durham.
Letter merely says “Friday, Newcastle”
Size: 23 x 18 cm.