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Durham University Kendo Club

Welcome to Durham’s Kendo Club!

We welcome newcomers at any time, whether experienced kendoka or complete beginners. Non-students and under-18s are also welcome.

Contact us at kendo.society@durham.ac.uk or www.facebook.com/groups/durhamkendo if you want to join or to find out more about the amazing martial art and sport of kendo.

See below for a very brief introduction to kendo or follow the links at the top right of the page for more!

Session times:
(these can change each term so please contact us to double check)
• Tuesdays – 20:00 to 22:00
• Thursdays – 20:00 to 22:00
Fonteyn Ballroom, Dunelm House, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3AN. There is street-side parking nearby and it is a short walk from the train and bus stations.

What is Kendo?

Kendo is a martial art that has descended from the Japanese Samurai. It means ‘way of the sword’, and is at once a serious pursuit and fun sport practised around the world.

From the outside, kendo can appear very dramatic or even aggressive, but it is fundamentally an activity of technique, timing, and experience. Whatever our age, build, gender, or imagined ‘sportiness’, kendo provides us with a way to constantly challenge ourselves and enjoy the consistent rewards as we improve together – with the bonus of an awesome hobby and great exercise at the same time!

Contact us or follow the other links to find out more and see and try kendo for yourself.

From the British Kendo Association (www.britishkendoassociation.com/kendo/):
In 1975 the All Japan Kendo Federation developed then published ‘The Concept and Purpose of Kendo’ which is reproduced below.

To mold the mind and body.
To cultivate a vigorous spirit,
And through correct and rigid training,
To strive for improvement in the art of Kendo.
To hold in esteem human courtesy and honor.
To associate with others with sincerity.
And to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself.
Thus will one be able:
To love ones country and society.
To contribute to the development of culture
And to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples.