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The University wireless service is available to students, staff and visitors in locations across both our Durham and Stockton campuses and the service you connect to will differ depending on who you are.

To access University wireless:

1. Go to your device’s wireless settings and select the right option for you:


Wireless service to use

An Undergraduate or Taught PostgraduateDU Student
University staff or a Research PostgraduateDU Wireless
Visiting from another institutioneduroam

2. Enter your University username and password and most devices (phones, tablets, laptops) will connect automatically. Some devices require further steps to connect for the first time. For detailed instructions, select the appropriate option on the right of this page.

Have a Windows 7, 8 or 10 laptop? We also have a quick and easy tool that automatically runs through the steps to configure your laptop for DU Wireless – to use it just click here select ‘Run’ and follow the instructions. There’s also an Eduroam version – see the link on the right.


If you are visiting from an institution that belongs to the JANET Roaming Service, you can access the Wireless Service via eduroam. For full details of eduroam and how to connect, see our dedicated page.

The rules!

Don’t forget that, like all University IT facilities, your use of wireless is governed by our IT Regulations. Make sure you’re aware of what you should and shouldn’t be doing when browsing and use wireless responsibly.