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The Human Resources department aim to provide a professional HR management service for the University, Colleges, Schools, Departments and individual members of staff and develop human resource policies which are attractive in recruiting and developing a high quality workforce.

Our office:

  • provides advice and support to academic and service managers to carry out their staffing responsibilities in support of business needs.
  • maintains information systems for use by the University, individual Colleges and Departments to help evaluate and develop staffing strategies and policies.
  • provides advice on the application of national agreements, UK and European legislation and best HR practices to help improve employee relations and further the University’s commitment to improving equal opportunities for all its staff.
  • plans and directs training and development and career progression programmes to help staff develop their abilities and careers in the University.

We aim to provide:

  • friendly but business-like service
  • imaginative and workable solutions, effective advice and timely information
  • one primary contact – the ‘helpdesk’ approach
  • a lack of unnecessary bureaucracy and jargon
  • good clear communications

The Office is organised into teams, which are expected:

  • to develop close working relationships with, and understanding of, particular academic departments, colleges and service units, to work with them to plan for and to help achieve their staffing and other agreed objectives.
  • to provide a high standard of advice and information to enable departments, colleges and service units to manage and develop their staff effectively.
  • to develop close working relationships with other administrative units to improve administrative processes relating to staff recruitment and appointment.
  • to offer immediate advice on staffing matters and, if necessary, to be able to direct enquirers to an ‘expert’ within the Office or within the Central Administration.