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Durham University Hospital

University Hospital of North Durham is an acute care hospital built to replace the older Dryburn Hospital on the same site. It is part of County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust. The hospital was opened in 2001 and was funded using a Private Finance Initiative run by a consortium of Balfour Beatty and the Royal Bank of Scotland with an initial cost of £97million. Balfour Beatty subsequently sold their stake to Dalmore Capital in 2014.

Services Provided

Accident and Emergency, Nurse Practitioners (Out of hours) centre, Maternity Unit/SCBU, Gynaecology, Orthopaedics and Traumas, General Surgery (Day, elective and emergency), Children’s Ward, Acute Medical, Intensive Therapy Unit(ITU), Coronary Care Unit(CCU), Dermatology, Vascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Stroke Rehab, Haematology

The hospital works in partnership with Bishop Auckland Hospital and Darlington Memorial Hospital and is the largest in the trust (based on bed numbers). The Main Hospital building contains the vast majority of the hospitals departments. It has a basement for pathology and pharmacy and three other floors, each consisting of a long main corridor with wards and departments on both sides. Most of the wards consist of four single beds in each room, as well as side rooms.

A few buildings from the original ‘Dryburn Hospital’ remain in operation. These buildings are used for less acute services such as the renal dialysis centre, this area is called the East Wing. Also within the East Wing is the original Dryburn Hospital corridor which can be accessed from some car parks and the A&E Entrance. The education centre and library (accredited by Newcastle University) from the old Dryburn site are no longer in operation, and have been relocated accordingly throughout the site and local area.

The hospital is supported by a further 88 community hospital beds in its catchment region for rehabilitation.