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Pay and Pensions

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For information about Pension Schemes supported by Durham University – see below and related links.

Pension Schemes

Durham University supports four pension schemes. The University makes both USS and DUPS available through a salary sacrifice arrangement (pensions+) to enable staff and the University to save on national insurance contributions.

Membership of one of the pensions schemes supported by the University is an excellent benefit of working for Durham University. As a member of staff, both you and the University pay into it and you will receive the benefits on your retirement.

current contribution rates


The Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) is the main national superannuation scheme in the HE sector.  It is open to all staff in Grades 6 or above and members of staff are automatically entered into the scheme unless they opt out.

For further details, access the USS website in the related links section.

From 1st October 2011, there are two sections of the USS scheme:

Final salary section – a defined benefit based on a member’s final salary.  This section applies to staff that joined the scheme before 1st October 2011 or where the member is permitted to rejoin subject to certain conditions (see Changes to the USS pension scheme below).

Career revalued benefits section – a revalued benefit.  Benefits are worked out at the end of each scheme year and added to any previous benefits built up in the scheme.

Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS) – previously RBP

The Durham University Pension Scheme (DUPS) is offered to members of staff in Grades 1 to 5.  If members of staff wish to take up membership of this pension scheme, they MUST OPT IN.

For further details, use the related links section on this page.


The NHS Pension Scheme is available for clinical academic staff based in the School of Medicine and Health.  Go to www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/pensions for more information.

Workplace Pension Scheme (Automatic Enrolment)

Since April 2013, we have been required by the government to automatically enrol eligible staff into a workplace pension scheme.

For more details about our Workplace Pension Scheme and Automatic Enrolment, click here.

The amount that you will save will vary depending on your level of pay. However, the following table will give you a guide as to how much you can expect your take home pay to increase by paying less NI:

Lowest pay spine point for each grade Estimated Saving (£)

(contribution rate 4.5%)


(contribution rate 6.35%)

per month per year per month per year
Grade 1 £13,486 £4.17 £50.04 n/a n/a
Grade 2 £14.202 £4.42 £53.04 n/a n/a
Grade 3 £15,303 £4.83 £57.96 n/a n/a
Grade 4 £17,503 £5.50 £66.00 n/a n/a
Grade 5 £20,172 £6.42 £77.04 n/a n/a
Grade 6 £24,049 £7.67 £92.04 £10.83 £129.96
Grade 7 £30,424 n/a n/a £13.67 £164.04
Grade 8 £37,382 n/a n/a £16.83 £201.96
Grade 9 £47,314 n/a n/a £2.25 £27.00