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English Literature BA Undergraduate  2018
UCAS codeQ300
Mode of studyFull Time
Duration3 years
Location Durham City
Typical OffersA-Level
International Baccalaureate
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Alternative qualificationswww.durham.ac.uk/undergraduate/apply/entry-reqs
Department(s) Websitewww.durham.ac.uk/english.studies
Telephone+44 (0)191 334 2576
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Single Honours in English Studies offers a comprehensive syllabus, which combines traditional areas of literary study with new and developing areas of the discipline. It aims to develop your conceptual abilities and analytical skills by exposing you to a variety of literary critical approaches, to promote and develop clarity and persuasiveness in argument and expression, and to enable you to develop, to a high degree of competence, a range of skills which are at once subject-specific and transferable. A Degree in English Studies will equip you for a wide variety of professions and employment, as well as for advanced postgraduate study of English and related disciplines.

Year 1

There are three compulsory modules in Year 1 – Introduction to Drama, Introduction to the Novel, and Introduction to Poetry – each of which introduces you to representative works in the major literary genres. There are also four optional modules, from which Single Honours students may select one, two or three. Previously these have offered the possibility to study important influences on English literature (Classical and Biblical Backgrounds to English Literature), early literature (Romance and the Literature of Chivalry and Myth and Epic of the North) and the history of the English language (English: Language, Use,Theory).

This year will focus on advancing skills of critical analysis and argument you have already acquired at A-level, critical skills in the close reading and analysis of texts, such as the awareness of formal and aesthetic dimensions of literature and of the affective power of language, and on the introduction of more advanced concepts and theories relating to literature.

Compulsory modules:

  • Introduction to Drama
  • Introduction to the Novel
  • Introduction to Poetry.

Optional modules:

Up to three of the following selected from a range which has previously included (or up to two open modules offered by other departments):

  • Romance and the Literature of Chivalry
  • Myth and Epic of the North
  • Classical and Biblical Backgrounds to English Literature
  • English: Language, Use, Theory.

Year 2

Year 2 builds on the knowledge and skills developed in first year by broadening the range of literary texts and periods with which you will engage. You will study a substantial number of authors, topics and texts and gain awareness of the range and variety of approaches to literary study. The second year also develops your ability to articulate knowledge and understanding of concepts and theories relating to literature, as well as your powers of critical argument and command of written English. You will develop your capacity for autonomous learning and independence of thought by, for example, exploring, selecting from, and drawing together in an appropriate way specific texts and topics chosen from a wide syllabus.