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By | 22nd May 2017

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Online resources : electronic books

An e-book is an electronic version of a book that is found and read online. E-books the Library subscribes to are included in the catalogue, we also have listings of books that have been digitised and free e-books which you may find useful, linked to below. Please note that reference works are listed separately under encyclopaedias and dictionaries. These web sites are of various types, including:

  • Well-known books available for general use on the internet , sometimes with search facilities included, enabling the text to be searched.
  • Rare research material made available to the scholarly community either through digitisation projects, which preserve the appearance of the original text, or after conversion of the text for online display.
  • Portals offering access to extensive collections of e-texts.
e-book resources
ACLS Humanities Ebooks
Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Archaeologia Scotica
Archive of Celtic-Latin literature
ASA Monographs
The Assayer
Astronomical Society of the Pacific – Conference Series
Avalon Project
Bible Gateway
The Bible in English
Blackwell Reference
Bodleian Library Broadside Ballads
Business Insight
Cambridge Collections Online
CELT – Corpus of Electronic Texts
Cetedoc Library of Christian Latin Texts Volume I and II
Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales
Documents for the History of Economics
Dynamic Human Anatomy
EEBO – Early English Books Online
ECCO – Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Election Manifestos
Electronic Text Collections in Western European Literature
Embryonic Disk
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Gallica – Bibliotheque Nationale
Glasgow Digital Library Ebooks
Google Books
Gray’s Anatomy 1918
Gutenberg Bible (Göttingen University Library copies)
Gutenberg Bible (British Library copies)
Hartlib Papers
HeinOnline English Reports
Hathi Trust Digital Library
HeinOnline – Legal Classics Library
Interactive Neuroanatomy : An Atlas of Structures, Sections and Systems
International Children’s Digital Library
Internet Archive
The Latin Library
Legal Classics Library from HeinOnline
LION (Literature Online)
MGH (Monumenta Germaniae Historica)
Middle English Compendium
OAPEN – open access humanities and social sciences books
Online Books Page
The ORB (Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies)
Oxford Scholarship Online
Oxford Text Archive
Past Masters
Patrologia Latina
Perseus Digital Library
Project Gutenberg
Renaissance Festival Books
MIT Shakespeare
Shakespeare in Quarto
Social Policy Pamphlets
Textes de la Renaissance
Transport Pamphlets
Words Without Borders