Durham University Colleges

By | 22nd May 2017

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Durham University Colleges

As a Durham University student, you become a member of a college in Durham City or at Queen’s Campus, Stockton and students live where their course is based. If your course is based in Durham, you will be a member of a Durham-based college. If your course is based at Queen’s Campus, Stockton, you will be a member of a Queen’s-based college.

Durham has 15 undergraduate colleges which share a lot of similarities, with each offering excellent accommodation and facilities, lots of opportunities for personal development and a comprehensive support system.

Every college has its own distinctive character, defined by its buildings, traditions and people. Some are housed in historic buildings; others are modern. Some take pride in age-old traditions; others are more informal. Some are larger, offering a particularly diverse community. Others are smaller and everybody knows everybody! All colleges are within walking distance of lecture facilities, study facilities, bars, cafés and shops. Whichever college you live in we are sure that you will quickly settle in and soon feel at home.

For more information about each college see ‘Our at a glance’ guide below and follow the links to each individual colleges webpages.

Colleges at a glance

Catered Gowned
Total number
of 1st
year rooms*
% of
1st year
% of
Shop Chapel/
Collingwood FC N 319 10% 5% Y N 1,103 1
Grey FC Y 235 12% 8% Y Y 1,000 G
Hatfield FC Y 138 17% 46% N Y 950 2
Butler SC Y 250 100% 0% N Y 875 9
St Aidan’s FC N 270 0% 40% Y Y 1,285 A
St Chad’s FC Y 115 78% 70% N Y 468 3
St Cuthbert’s FC/PC/SC N 279 20% 9% N N 1,200 4
St Hild &
St Bede
FC N 315 0% 0% N Y 1,225 5
St John’s FC Y 128 29% 23% Y Y 469 J
St Mary’s FC Y 183 10% 0% Y Y 833 M
Trevelyan FC Y 177 0% 12% Y Y 800 T
University FC Y 156 10% 30% N Y 1,010 U
Van Mildert FC N 340 5% 0% Y N 1,100 V
John Snow
PC Y 230 100% 0% # # 1,125 7
PC N 280 100% 0% Y # 1,060 8

*Please note:
a) These figures are subject to annual change.
b) A higher proportion of single, en-suite bedrooms are reserved for returning third or fourth year students who wish to live in college. Please contact your preferred college for details.

**All colleges have special dinner events throughout the year called ‘Formals’. Some colleges practice the long-established tradition of wearing gowns at these events. Others are less formal and do not wear gowns to dine in.
#On campus
FC: Fully catered PC: Part catered SC: Self catered