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Alumni networkDurham University has an extensive alumni network which can be used to support your career and opportunity research. To find out more about the alumni network visit the Dunelm Alumni Community web pages.

Career contacts

One of the services provided to existing students and graduates is access to career contacts. A career contact is graduate or experienced professional who is willing to speak with existing Durham students, and graduates about their respective profession. It is unusual for a career contact to be bombarded with requests from existing students but when a student does approach a contact it is an opportunity to provide invaluable career support and advice. If you are interested in providing this type of support to Durham students please contact us directly for further information.

Graduate Links

The Careers Centre helps students and graduates to prepare for their future careers by providing lots of useful resources, some of which you are unable to find elsewhere. To assist you with researching and planning different career paths we have developed Graduate Links, a new searchable database that contains information received directly from recent Durham graduates about their experiences of employment and their current role.