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College Accommodation

Our 15 undergraduate colleges offer fully-catered, part-catered and self-catering options. As well as accommodation and food (in the catered colleges), the cost of college accommodation covers utilities (including a cleaning service) and a wide range of facilities.

Find out about our undergraduate colleges here: https://www.durham.ac.uk/undergraduate/live/colleges/ourcolleges/.

Private Rented Accommodation

The majority of first-year students live in College accommodation, then move to private rented accommodation for their second year. Some students return to College for their final year(s) of study and some choose to remain ‘living out’.

The cost of private rented accommodation varies according to its location across Durham City and Stockton. The cost per week of your private accommodation is often dependent on the location you choose. Our Accommodation Office helps students find private rented accommodation in Durham City and Stockton.