Durham University Accommodation Costs

By | 19th May 2017

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Durham University Accommodation Costs

Durham University is a collegiate university and there are currently 16 colleges in total. For courses based in Durham, there are currently 13 colleges that accept undergraduate students and for courses based at Queen’s Campus in Stockton both of the two colleges accept undergraduates.

Whilst every college has accommodation available, because of our varied and historic estate, there may be different types of accommodation available depending on the college you are allocated. For example, Josephine Butler College offers entirely single, en-suite, self-catered accommodation and therefore you cannot share a room or have any type of catered let in this college. As an alternative example, St. Mary’s College offers standard catered lets, has some shared rooms and limited en-suite facilities.

At Queen’s Campus, there is no shared accommodation, all rooms at both colleges are self-catered and en-suite.

Our college allocation process is designed to be fair, open and transparent. We try to meet an applicant’s preference wherever possible but we cannot do this in every case as demand for some colleges exceeds the places available. If you are unable to be allocated the college of your preference you will be allocated to a different college that may have a different type of accommodation available.

Whatever college you are allocated to, you will find a warm welcome and a community of students and staff who will help ensure your time at Durham is a successful and happy experience.


Note: Not all options are available in all Colleges. Please contact the individual College for further information

Accommodation for the academic year, to include either Induction or Congregation week Accommodation for the academic year
Residence Including Catering*

(meals included during Induction Week and undergraduate term time)

Single Standard Rooms (shared bathroom facilities) £ 7,171 £6,940
Single En-suite Rooms ** £7,616 £7,385
International Induction Supplement for Additional Accommodation +£164
Residence with Self-Catering
Single Standard Rooms (shared bathroom facilities) £5,019 £4,891
Single En-suite Rooms ** £5,464 £5,336
International Induction Supplement for Additional Accommodation +£102
Shared Room -£228 -£228
No Sink -£228 -£228
¾ or double bed ** +£228 +£228
Vacation Buy Back Rate
Not available on request and only applicable in colleges where the University requires separate use of residential rooms during the Christmas and/or Easter vacation periods. -£239 (per vacation period) -£239 (per vacation period)

*Residence Including Catering

Catering is provided from the Sunday dinner prior to induction week for all new first year students with the exception of new international students arriving for international induction when the catering provision starts from the Wednesday dinner prior to induction week. For returning students catering is provided from the Saturday dinner before Michaelmas term commences.

The catering provided will be breakfast (including cooked breakfast option), lunch and dinner every day, Monday-Sunday, for the duration of the undergraduate terms. Term dates are published here. Students remaining in residence during undergraduate vacation periods will be able to purchase additional meal tickets. Students may be required to obtain meals from a different college during vacation periods.

** En-suite rooms or larger beds

A student who requires an en-suite room or larger bed but who has a disability as defined by the Equality Act 2010 supported by appropriate medical or diagnostic evidence, will not be charged the supplements for these facilities.

If you would like to find out about the financial support that may be available to you, please visit our student financial support pages: