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Durham University 6 Year Medicine Course

Durham University 6 Year Medicine Course

Medicine is one of the most prestigious and competitive university courses to enter in the UK. The profession is extremely rewarding and give you a genuine opportunity to improve people’s lives. However, becoming a doctor isn’t an easy option. Applicants must demonstrate high academic standards [especially in chemistry and biology] and commit themselves to years of hard work and study.

An approved degree is essential for work as a doctor. Graduate entry to medical school is possible. A 2:1 in a science based subject is usually required but some schools will consider graduates of other disciplines. There is the opportunity to specialise within medicine and further study may be necessary. For example it takes 9 years minimum to train as a GP and 12 years before being suitably qualified for hospital consultant positions.

The British Medical Association website have produced some useful information on becoming a doctor.

The Work

Example Roles

General Practice Doctor
Hospital Doctor

How to Get a Job

Work experience

Work experience is crucial if you want to demonstrate both your potential and commitment to prospective employers/course leaders. Your chances of being accepted on to a medical school programme, and ultimately attaining a position of employment, are greatly increased if you can demonstrate that you have relevant experience. Competition for entry to medicine is fierce and relevant pre-entry work experience is absolutely critical.

Structured work experience schemes within the health sector are rare; this is partly due to patient confidentiality. However, many NHS Foundation Trusts do run volunteering programmes; they may always not give you specific clinical experience but will provide excellent exposure to different types of patients. Occasionally Trusts do provide work placements; one local example is Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust who offer a medical shadowing work placement. It is possible to research NHS Foundations Trusts using an online directory – Monitor is the independent regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts. A list of links to work experience opportunities is available at The Student Room