Durham University 2017 Graduation

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Durham University 2017 Graduation

Congregation dates are determined by University term dates, as approved by Senate, with Winter Congregation generally scheduled during the week prior to Epiphany term and Summer Congregation generally scheduled during the week following the end of Easter term.

Congregation Dates

Tuesday 27 – Friday 30 June 2017Thursday 11 – Friday 12 January 2018

Summer Congregation Timetable

Summer Congregation 2017 will be held between Tuesday 27 June and Friday 30 June 2017, see the timetable below.

Students attend Congregation based on their department. Please contact the Ceremonies Unit if you are unsure which ceremony to attend:

  • Undergraduate and postgraduate awards of the department will be conferred at the same ceremony unless stated otherwise.
  • Students on joint honours programmes (which are not within Combined Honours or Natural Sciences) will attend the ceremony of the ‘lead department’ for the programme.
  • Students taking a degree within Combined Honours or Natural Science programmes (including joint honours degrees within Natural Sciences) will attend either the Combined Honours or Natural Science ceremonies respectively.
AnthropologyWednesday 28 June11:00 am
Applied Social SciencesFriday 30 June11:00 am
ArchaeologyTuesday 27 June11:00 am
BiosciencesWednesday 28 June11:00 am
Business School – postgraduate programmesThursday 29 June11:00 am
Business School – undergraduate programmes from Durham (including BA Philosophy, Politics and Economics)Thursday 29 June9:00 am
Business School – undergraduate programmes from Queen’s Campus in Business or MarketingThursday 29 June2:00 pm
Business School – undergraduate programmes from Queen’s Campus in Accounting or FinanceThursday 29 June4:00 pm
ChemistryFriday 30 June11:00 am
Classics and Ancient HistoryThursday 29 June11:00 am
Combined Honours in ArtsTuesday 27 June4:00 pm
Combined Honours in Social SciencesTuesday 27 June2:00 pm
Earth SciencesTuesday 27 June9:00 am
EducationWednesday 28 June4:00 pm
Engineering and Computing SciencesWednesday 28 June9:00 am
English Language CentreTuesday 27 June11:00 am
English StudiesThursday 29 June2:00 pm
GeographyFriday 30 June2:00 pm
Government and International AffairsWednesday 28 June2:00 pm
HistoryTuesday 27 June2:00 pm
LawTuesday 27 June9:00 am
Mathematical SciencesTuesday 27 June4:00 pm
Medicine, Pharmacy and HealthFriday 30 June2:00 pm
Modern Languages and CulturesTuesday 27 June11:00 am
MusicThursday 29 June9:00 am
Natural SciencesFriday 30 June9:00 am
PhilosophyWednesday 28 June9:00 am
PhysicsWednesday 28 June4:00 pm
PsychologyWednesday 28 June2:00 pm
Theology and ReligionFriday 30 June9:00 am

Timetable for printing

Winter Congregation Timetable