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Choosing a Study Abroad Program gives you the opportunity to gain an understanding of another culture in a different environment and enjoy a rewarding once in a lifetime experience. You can choose to study one semester in the fall, or one full undergraduate academic year at DMU and gain credits, which can be transferred back to your home university. Study Abroad will broaden your horizons, equipping you with skills for your future career or helping to prepare you for future postgraduate study in the UK.

Entry criteria for Study Abroad students are as follows:

•Students are required to have one or two years of University education for subject specific Study Abroad programmes. If you are interested in General Education, we would only require you to have completed one semester at your home university

•Currently studying a relevant subject if you are applying for a subject specific Study Abroad programme, however for General Education this isn’t a requirement

•Good marks in your university education – you will need to send a transcript to DMU to demonstrate this

•Some art related courses will require a portfolio of your work

Study abroad fees:

Fall semester: £4,100/$5,071*

Full year: £9,600/$11,875*

*Exchange rate as of December 2016. Subject to change.

If you would like to make an application for Study Abroad, please complete an application form and send it to

Study Abroad application form