De Montfort University Student Death

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De Montfort University Student Death

The parents of a murdered student have returned to her university to receive the degree she was unable to complete.

Hannah Fisher, 21, who was in her final year of a forensic science course at De Montfort University, in Leicester, was found dead at her ex-boyfriend’s house, in Oadby, in January.

Her grieving parents, who live in Wiltshire, decided to return to Leicester when the university said it would grant Hannah her degree posthumously.

Debbie and Alan Fisher, of Wootton Bassett, received the award on her behalf from De Montfort’s vice-chancellor, Philip Tasker, at a graduation ceremony at De Montfort Hall.

Mrs Fisher said: “It was very emotional collecting the award. We were the only ones without a student.

“Hannah was, and still is, greatly loved by all her family and friends and we struggle every day to get used to life without her.

“Hannah was a joy to be with. She always had a smile on her face.

“She loved being at De Montfort University and was really looking forward to working in the field of forensic science.”

Police, who found Hannah’s body at her ex-fiance Simon Marsh’s house, in Hind Leys Drive, on January 19, said she suffered “multiple injuries” in the attack.

Mr Marsh, 22, was found dead the previous day at the foot of a stairwell at Alexandra House, in Leicester city centre.

Police said they were not looking for anyone in connection with deaths.

Mark Fowler, principal lecturer in forensic science at De Montfort University, said: “Hannah was a gifted and popular student who is missed very much by colleagues and fellow students.

“To recognise Hannah’s outstanding performance and contributions to the course, it was felt appropriate that some official award was made.

“The decision was taken to award her a degree, and this decision was unanimously ratified at the most recent Leicester School of Pharmacy assessment board.