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De Montfort University Islamic Society

The Islamic Society (ISoc) is one of the many student-run organisations that make up the Students’ Union. The Islamic Society is all about inspiring students through the message of Allah (God) to create a positive united community on campus. We aim to represent and cater for the welfare, education and well-being of all Muslims on campus. DMU ISoc provides a platform to support Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Becoming a member means you can enjoy discounts on our events, receive regular updates and be part of a family on campus.

You can also find the prayer room which is located just behind the Portland Building to cater for your spiritual needs.

May Allah reward you!

DeMontfort University Islamic Society
DeMontfort University Prayer Room
Portland Building (Ground Floor)

Society Medals

Society Medals are new to De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) this year. We know that all of our societies are pretty awesome. We felt the need to recognise the societies who go above and beyond the call of duty in doing that little bit extra to ensure that everybody has the best possible experience during their time at DMU.

The bronze, silver and gold medals recognise societies that have followed the correct procedures, kept the Activities department informed of what they are doing, have run well-rounded events catering to as many different people as possible and worked together with other societies amongst many other achievements.

We also have new societies forming all the time throughout the year. You can find out how to set one up here!