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DMU’s game art experts demonstrated their award-winning game art design at the festival, allowing visitors to see the design process behind the high-tech games and digital visualisation of the 21st century.

Each day experts took their audience through the full development process, from design conception through to 3D realisation. This showcased how traditional illustration and high-tech software skills combine to produce cutting-edge visuals. The design process was shown live on a large plasma screen at the festival, and the final design was showcased at the end of each day.

A stunning virtual walk-through of Medieval London, called Pudding Lane, was also displayed. Designed by the university’s talented students, it won best video game design in Europe. Visitors to the festival were able to immerse themselves in this spectacular work as they travelled through the historic London streets.

Michael Powell

DMU is at the frontier of creative industry courses and was the first university to establish a Game Art degree in England. Principal lecturer and course leader Michael Powell is leading students in creative and technical innovation and accompanied them to the festival.

Honoured as a National Teaching Fellow, which is recognition of excellence in Higher Education teaching, Michael has advised the government on future policy for game education. He is also an active member of the UK Interactive Entertainment (UKIE) Talent Advisory Group – the gaming industry’s leading voice to government, consumers and the interactive entertainment business.

Michael’s students have gone on to work at BMW, Fosters + Partners, Ubisoft and a host of game developers in the UK and internationally.