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Fees and funding 2017/18

One of the first questions you’re likely to ask about university is how much will it all cost? Going to university represents a real investment in your future and there is plenty of financial support available to students for both tuition fees and living expenses.

Undergraduate tuition fees

For 2017/18 undergraduate full-time home students tuition fees will be £9,250

A tuition fee loan, up to £9,000 a year, will be available to students to cover tuition fee costs.

The level of fees is dependent on full parliamentary approval which is expected later in the Autumn
The Government announced earlier this year that it intends to raise the cap on tuition fees for undergraduates. Tuition fee loans are expected to rise in line with the fee cap.

Further information about the change is available on our tuition fees news story.

We’re still finalising our funding package for September 2017 entry so revisit this page in a few weeks to see what financial support is available to you.

DMUglobal High Flyers Award

The #DMUglobal High Flyers Award offers students a discount of up to £1,000 towards a #DMUglobal opportunity (subject to terms and conditions).

All you have to do is apply for a #DMUglobal opportunity from the start of term and you will receive your award prior to departure.