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Dare to be Fearless

De Montfort University Leicester (DMU)’s new advert has now launched online, on TV and in cinemas, featuring students at its heart and a ‘Dare to Do’ theme. Seven individual stories are followed in the 60-second advert, which each star students in scenarios that have pushed them out of their comfort zones.

The creation involved collaboration between the university, creative agency Cubo and award-winning production company Outsider. It’s an exciting time to be at DMU and the TV advert needed to reflect the university’s global outlook and academic excellence, as well as continued focus on employability, public good and student experience.

Jonathan Sant is the creative director at Cubo, he said: “DMU is a university that doesn’t surrender to convention. The energy is such that we don’t want it to seem like a typical university; it needed to have more edge.”

Choosing DMU students to star in the advert was the perfect way to reflect the university and the daring things students do. Jonathan said: “We’ve been blown away with the quality of the individuals and they’ve all got their own story to tell.”

The advert director, Max Fisher from Outsider, explained: “I always use real people in my films, and I really love working with people who are going through big changes and helping to bring their story to life.”

Filming took place on campus and at the King Power Stadium, home to Premier League Champions and DMU partners Leicester City Football Club, as well as in Ahmedabad where DMU’s Square Mile India is based.

Max is best-known for directing Nike and The Royal Navy adverts, and production company Outsider has produced high-profile campaigns for Puma, Sainsbury’s and Sky Sports. The soundtrack is called ‘Do You Hear Me Where You Sleep?’ and was created by British composer Matt Nicholson who scores commercials, film and television soundtracks.